Shopping Sunday: Mens Clothing for Christmas

I've woken up today to a bright sunny morning - in fact it's pretty warm so I have all the windows open and I'm sat here chilling watching Sunday Brunch. Then I see something on Facebook to remind that Christmas is 6 weeks away. 6 WEEKS! How does that even happen? Sorry if I'm the one to remind you of this case, I know I wasn't that impressed to see it on Facebook this morning.

With the big day not far away I guess I had better start thinking about what to buy people and making some plans. When Jacamo invited me to take a look at their website, I thought it would be the ideal time to see what I might buy the men in my family. I haven't paid much attention to Jacamo in the past, surprisingly! But their range of menswear is actually pretty decent, I was pleasantly surprised.

I think polo shirts like this can be a lovely idea, because they're inexpensive and they can be worn with everything. Buying clothing for someone else can be difficult because you don't know what they like, especially if it's someone with an individual style. With shirts like this you get to give something nice but also practical. I like that Jacamo not only do plus size, but also have a tall range.  I don't know much about mens plus size shopping, but different options is always a good thing in my opinion.

If you're feeling flush you could even team it up with a blazer, if you really want to treat them well!

I actually really liked their Christmas shop section. I am a terrible window shopper online, so I get easily distracted and end up clicking through on items that I don't have much interest in, but I am just nosey! The gift finder section is set out nice and easy, so you can choose by budget, clothing style and even look at different sections for gift inspiration.  I love an easy life and this helps!

That said, I am not organised for Christmas shopping at all. Are you?

Debz xx

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