The Big Move (Sort of) Down South

For those of you have that have been following my blog for a while, you're know that I started blogging when I lived in London. Although I am originally from down south by family moved up north when I was 21 and I soon followed... I loved living up North but I missed living in a big city so 4 years I moved to London.

I loved every single minute of living in London, it's definitely a place that has a special place in my heart. Even now when I visit I get an excited feeling as soon as I hit Euston, I can't explain it at all but it is definitely a place I would consider home. Sadly, London life is just too expensive for me and so after 24 glorious months I moved back home. I'll be there next week for the British Plus Size Awards though - YAY!

I loved being near to my family again and actually it turned out to be the best 2 years I could have been at home. I can't even begin to tell you how close I am to my family and living with them for the past 2 years was exactly what I needed, I couldn't and wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else.... but things change and it was time to move on!

I couldn't possibly afford to live in London until I win the lottery, so I decided to pick Birmingham! When I announced that I was going to make the move to The Midlands lots of people asked me why but honestly the only reply I could give was why not?

I have been to Birmingham a few times, I've a few friends dotted around nearby but nothing that ties me here - I wanted a fresh start and The Midlands proved to be it.

And so here I am!

I've now been here a month and I am really enjoying it! Being a grown up again is tough - having to consider things like bills, an actual proper food shop, home security etc - but you know what I really like it. I've fallen into a new job I really like, I've attended a few blogger events and starting to get really settled.

One thing I have really started to give more thought to is making my home secure. At the moment I am in a house share but the start of next year I hope to get into my own flat and really settle. I've been giving lots of thoughts of alarm systems, keeping out burglars and generally protecting my home. 

I guess I have been lucky that this has always been someone else responsibility before, but now it's time for me to give it some thought! Thankfully the internet has proved really helpful in this so I feel like I could be well-versed enough to be sorted when I am ready to move into my own place. It goes without saying that having a burglar alarm fitted is something that comes recommended.

There seem to be a few blogger events in Birmingham so you might see a bit of a turn in the content I offer here, but I think that'll make a nice change. I'm looking forward to meeting some news faces and building a new life here in Brummie land.

Debz xx

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