Plus Size Blogging: Fighting The Good Fight

When I first started blogging I did it because I was passionate about discovering fashion. When I first started blogging I was brand new to fashion choices, especially dresses and similar items so discovering these was exciting. As a size 30/32 I couldn’t believe that a whole world of fashion I hadn’t ever heard of was passing me by. I lived in jeans and t shirts because I thought these was the best (*only) option for someone of my size.

I started blogging because I realised I couldn’t be the only fat female who had reached their late 20s feeling confined by fashion choices they assumed they had. Once I discovered a whole new world of plus size fashion that I wanted to share with everyone else – and so my life as a blogger began.

At first I was excited and felt invigorated by what I saw in front of me – until I started to realise that plus size fashion is just as stifling in many ways as I always thought. Yes, over recent years plus size fashion HAS improved – if you’re less than a size 24 and have the “right shaped” body.

Once I started to become disheartened my blogging took a new turn and I started things such as #WhatIWouldHaveSpent and #WeAreTheThey – a sort of one woman tirade against a world of fashion that is doing so many people a dis-justice.

The problem is that I often felt like I was knocking my head against a brick wall – the truth is that brands aren’t prepared to listen and we’re always going to have fashion campaigns that exclude certain sets of bodies. After a while I lost motivation and without really realising it, I stopped blogging about what was/IS really important to me.

Over the last couple of days I have had a chance to read Twitter and I can see the same AMAZING voices shouting about the changes we NEED to, calling out brands to do better and demanding more. I realised that I missed being a part of this – that me giving up the good fight was doing no one any good.

So, expect lots of rants coming up over the next few days. Because let me tell you now, brands are NOT doing good enough, fashion campaigns are NOT doing what they should be and people are not using their platforms to make a difference. I want to use the small voice I have to try and make a small difference, or at least feel as though I am trying my very best to make it happen.

Inspire me – what in the plus size world do you want to see changed? What isn’t good enough? 
What should I blog about?

Thanks for reading as ever

Debz xx

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