The Things You Don't Think About

As I am sure you all know, I don't have children. In fact up until a few years ago, I didn't really like babies at all - although my closest friends having the most adorable children recently changed that.

The other day I went to a soft play centre with a friend of mine and I have to say it was an experience. Don't get me wrong - I had the best time with her and her beautiful children, but I left a nervous wreck!

If it wasn't children running around with dinner in their hands, or arguing over who would go down the slide first (not my friends children I should point out!), it was worrying about if they would fall over and hurt themselves.

When we went outside, it all seemed so dangerous. I hadn't really thought about it before play surfaces have so much to contend it - It really is a good job that companies are on the ball and do such a good job! They really do have it all in hand and so I suppose, when you really think about it - there isn't much to worry about!

I have to say that, once the worry was over the time with my friend and her little people was fantastic and I can't wait to do it again! Aren't they amazing - growing so quickly and learning new things every day, it's the perfect way to spend an afternoon. 

Debz x

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