Broadband and Me: How It changed My Life

I think I was around 13 when we first got the internet in my house – which might seem like such an old age, but we were one of the first to get it. We had dial up and could only access at certain times of the day – and no one could call the house phone while we were online, how different things are now!

I have always loved the internet and it’s a love affair that has never died. I love what the online world can do and what it has bought me. I have friends I met online who I know will be lifelong 
friends, which is one of the many perks the internet has bought me.

Now a days I can use it to shop online, try new foods, learn new skills and so much more - it’s something that I wouldn’t want to be without. I realise that in many ways internet access is a luxury but it is one I would definitely want to keep above many others.

One of the many ways the internet benefits me is the world of blogging. Not only do I love being a blogger but it has opened up a whole new world for me. Main stream media isn’t forthcoming when it comes to the visibility of bodies like mine so having access to these thanks to the world of social media is live changing, in a way I never realised!

I love being able to browse Instagram and see fat bodies in clothing that I want (and can!) wear. 

I adore chats on twitter about plus size issues and interacting with brands. Being able to see people on Facebook with bodes like mind is fantastic and a luxury I would not want to change.

If you struggle with body imagine in anyway, I would recommend creating a social media world that suits you. Get a decent internet connection (more info here) and follow people who have a body like yours. You’ll see them achieving so much greatness, which is often the boost you need to realise that can be you too!

That’s my #BroadbandAndMe story – what’s yours?

Debz x

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