The Price of Petrol and Other Things To Consider as a Driver!

Over recent months I have started to think about the possibility of learning to drive. I had a few lessons back when I was 20 but nothing since then – I do worry if I may be too old to learn, but I guess you never know unless you try!

For me, I think learning to drive could be a good thing. Since relocating to Birmingham I am around 2 hours from my family for example, so I have to rely on trains and public transport to get me there when I want to visit. It is the same for attending blogger events and visiting friends. I think it might be nice to have the freedom to come and go when I please, rather than having to load up Google maps and see when the next bus is and building my schedule around this.

One of the things I have given a lot of thought to since considering whether learning to drive is for me, is the price of petrol. I know from talking to friends and family that the price of petrol is a sticking point for many people – as the price has increased so much over recent years, with apparently not much more to show for it.

Yes, you could say that the look and feel of petrol stations has changed over many years – we have 24 hour coffee machines and the chance to get hot food when you visit, but is that really worth the price of extra petrol? I guess that is a matter of opinion!

You might not think about petrol stations when you consider look at forum insurance brokers websites but they do have a lot to help with your health and safety when you are driving. For example, at most petrol stations you can check your tires and buy oil to top up the engine if it is needed. We can do so much more than pop in fill up our cars with petrol and leave again.

What would you say you benefit most from when it comes to petrol stations? Me personally I love being able to pop in and get a nice cold drink and a magazine for my journey but I am sure most of you benefit from so much more!

Debz xx

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