Simple Solutions To Heat Up Cold Flooring In Your Home

We have many different flooring options at our disposal when it comes to decorating our home.
Some of the most popular types include laminate, hardwood, tiling, and carpet. Now, unless you’ve
chosen carpet as your flooring, then the chances are you suffer from one common issue; cold feet!

No, I don’t mean you’re scared of doing something, I mean you literally have cold feet because your
floor is freezing. Carpet is nice and soft, meaning it retains heat easily, while the other options don’t.

Have no fear, a cold floor isn’t a permanent problem as there are many solutions you can try.

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Unroll Some Rugs

A quick fix for cold flooring is to buy some rugs and lay them down on top of your floor. This has the obvious benefit of creating a barrier between your feet and the flooring itself.
Essentially, you’re getting the same effect you’ll receive from walking on carpet. The rugs will be soft,
trap heat in the room, and will even be fine to walk on barefoot. You have the added bonus of providing
your home with extra decorative features too. A lovely rug can make your hallway or living room look
a lot better and tie together a look. Plus, you can chop and change them depending on the situation.

If you have someone coming over, you can get out the fancy rug to impress them!

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Install Some Underlay

Most people haven’t even heard of underlay, which is probably one of the reasons your flooring is
so cold. Basically, it’s a layer of material that lies underneath your flooring. The type of material
differs depending on your flooring choice. The best underlay for laminate flooring might not be the
best option for vinyl or wood flooring, so bear that in mind. However, underlay is one of the best
ways of insulating your floor and stopping heat from escaping it. You should find that it’s much
more bearable to walk on, and you don’t have to wear three pairs of socks and slippers every time
you walk around your house.

Think About Underfloor Heating

If you want to take things to the extreme, you can throw this problem out the window by
getting underfloor heating. This means your rooms will be heated from the ground up, which can
lead to warmer rooms, and flooring that’s nice and toasty. There’s no real point talking about how
this helps as it’s pretty self-explanatory! But, I will say that this isn't the ideal solution for everyone.
Some people find the costs too much and installation too disruptive. But, if you can afford it and want
to switch things up in your home, then it’s certainly a great idea.

You’ve got three different options here if you have cold flooring in your house.

Keep your feet nice and warm, and you’ll save a fortune on socks and slippers!

Seriously though, these are some great ideas that help with this common problem.
If coldness is stopping you from getting a fancy new flooring, then maybe you’ll start to think twice

Debz x

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