How Do Our Eating Habits Differ By Region?

It will come to no surprise to anyone, but I love food. There’s nothing nicer than enjoying a really nice cooked meal, especially if you’re out with friends and enjoying a few drinks with it too! It seems that the rest of Britain agrees with me – with 66% of UK adults saying they’re passionate about food and that 53% of millennials admit to eating out at least once a week. In fact, food is one of our biggest spends, with an average of £44 per person being spent each week on restaurant bills.
Designers of bespoke kitchens in Sussex, Harvey Jones, takes a look at the UK’s eating habits by region.

Enjoying a Takeaway

Since moving to the Midlands I do enjoy take away more, mostly because there is so much choice than when I loved up north. According to a survey by Payment Sense we spend an average of £117 per person on takeaway each year. However it seems  I need to visit Bristol as there are apparently nearly 300 take away restaurants  there – which means they’re a nation of take away lovers!

When they looked at what type of food was liked – the whole of the UK were in agreement that Chinese is the king of take away choices! Indian came 2nd place, most popular in  Aberystwyth, Coventry and Wolverhampton.

Enjoying Dinner Out

According to The Sun, the average Brit can spend around £288,000in their lifetime eating out at restaurants,
Whilst Millennials are expected to eat out more than any other demographic, the average Brit now eats out twice a week with pub grub stealing the title as their favourite option. I personally love a good pub dinner out, especially with a few drinks. Can we talk about how amazing the Wetherspoons app is? I’m a big fan!

It probably isn’t too much of a surprise that London is the city of eating out according to The Chronicle, with the capital consuming the most Indian, Chinese, Thai, fish and chips and pizza meals at restaurants than any other city.

Birmingham is also known as the Curry Capital with 43% of residents claiming curry restaurants are their favourite, and 34% of Londoners seem to agree. Glasgow prefers authentic Spanish tapas (14%), while 14% of Edinburgh folk love Sushi.

Eating At Home

Since the start of the year, I have tried to make a conscious effort to eat more home cooked foods. It can be a tough one, as I don’t get in until 9pm most evenings, so eating a big meal at that time of night doesn’t always work! That said, if I can be bothered to put together meat, veg, mash and

Last year just over 20% of British families said they sat down to dinner together once or twice a week, and one in five have their ‘family meals’ whilst sitting in front of the television. However, some people prefer to cook their own meals at home, as they can control their own ingredients (49%).

According to Statista, 64% of people enjoy cooking, whilst 55% describe cooking as something they have to do but don’t. There has also been a 10% increase in the number of people preparing meals from scratch at least once a week from 2005.

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