Why I Want To Visit Thailand

Although I am not much of a traveller, I often think about places I would like to visit if I could. There are some amazing places in the world and in an ideal world I would get to visit some of these. However, I don't want to visit the usual places for the usual reasons - as ever, I'd like to do something a little different!

For example. I would really like to visit Thailand, Japan and other places in that direction, because of the amazing confectionery they have. If you follow me on social media you may have noticed that I am a big fan of unusual sweets and snacks, and often visit oriental supermarkets to catch up.

One of my favourites is Kit Kats - because other parts of the world seem to have so many amazing choices. This week Asda have launched lemon flavour Kit Kats, where as Thailand have hundreds of flavours far more exciting. I love that they have savoury flavours and limited edition offerings which means that there is always something fun and new to try. 

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I know that I shouldn't necessarily book Thailand just to try their chocolate treats, but it is definitely a part of the world that I would like to sample. I love their passion for electronics - you might know that I have a love of robots, which is something that this part of the world shares. I'd love to go over there and see some of their robots in action, that would be something amazing!

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If you could visit any part of the world, where would you choose and why?

Debz xx

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