A Magical Wedding

You deserve a magical wedding. No matter what anyone tells you, you need to have that special day that you can cherish forever. You don’t want it to be mediocre, you want to be as extra as you possibly can. Some people come up with some crazy ideas for their wedding day, some are so outlandish they don’t even seem like a wedding! Whilst you don’t want to go that far, you don’t want to try and put in a few little added extras to make your day extra magical. Here are just a few that we can think of.
Go Outdoors
People either really want an outdoor wedding, or they really don’t. If you’re someone who is really against an outdoor wedding, we’re here to convince you why you should go for one. First of all, they’re just really fun if the weather is nice. The atmosphere will be amazing, and it gives kids easy access to somewhere to play without having to bother the adults too much. Wedding marquees can be used to make sure everyone is kept dry if the weather does take a turn for the worst. The marquees that you use will be decorated so well to make it look truly magical, especially when it begins to get a little dark. There are catering companies who specifically work outside that you would benefit from. So you see, an outdoor wedding could be just as good as an indoor one! If you’re still dead set on an indoor one, there are plenty of amazing venues dotted all around the country depending on what you need and what you budget is.
Added Extras
There are a few little things that you can put in your wedding to make it even more special. Things that are going to help you to remember the day for a lifetime. First of all, you need to put something fun in there for the adults. For one, you could have a cocktail making masterclass. They always get the drinks flowing, and everyone loves a good cocktail. Plus, it helps to break the night up a bit! Secondly, you could think about something that will keep all of the children entertained. A children’s entertainer would be a good idea if there’s a seperate room or area within the location that you’ve chose.
The Perfect Prep
Prep is everything for a woman on her wedding day. It’s one of the most important parts, yet one of the parts that could so easily go wrong. Make sure you have a glam team set up. There are plenty of self employed makeup artists willing to glam you up for the day for a small fee. Having someone do it for you is going to be so much better for than trying to do it yourself when you’re going to have so many other worries on your mind. As for the hair, that bit is definitely left to the professionals, all you need to do is decide whether you want it up or down!

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