An Insta-Ready Home At The Drop Of A Hat

Let’s face facts – social media is a massive part of life in 2018. The fact that everyone has accounts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is solid proof. Instagram is without a doubt the platform that is taking over. Whereas in the past people showed off on FB, the ‘Gram is the place to showcase holidays pics and home renovations. And, there is nothing wrong with that as long as it never gets out of hand. People will say you shouldn’t indulge, but don’t we want to take pride in our work? If you answered yes, here’s how to get your home Insta-ready in no time. Follow Motivating Accounts Originality is valuable today because everyone is rehashing old stuff. The next time a film trailer comes on TV, notice how it’s the same theme in a new package. However, wanting to be unique doesn’t mean you can’t take inspiration from different sources. The trick is to see something you like and put a spin on it that it makes it your own. With that in mind, use Instagram itself as a sounding board by following the best interior design accounts. The picture below is an example of how creative people get online. Pinterest is another excellent tool as it lets you merge different styles from various places.

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Whitewash It

White is the colour for the ‘Gram because it makes everything seem big. Think of it as a digital mirror. Plus, all the pics will appear cleaner than with dark, matte shades. And, this is important because the last thing anyone wants is for their followers to assume they’re dirty! Rollers and paint brushes are helpful, obviously, but so are window dressings. Blinds specialists create slats that control light flow, so you can let in as much or as little as you like. During the day, keep the wide open and let the sun bathe the room, and close them at night.

Can’t Beat Them? Then Cheat Them We all want to look elegant and luxurious online, but it’s expensive. Granted, one bottle fine wine isn’t going to break the bank yet you can’t continue investing for the future. They’ll be no money left to pay the bills! In this case, you should fool the followers with a couple of sneaky hacks. For example, take the old branded shampoo bottle and don’t throw it in the bin. Instead, fill it with a Smart Price alternative and keep schtum. You can do this 
with almost anything bottle-related.

Throw Some Shapes And this is a literal instruction. Self shapes, as they are known, are shelves that take less than ten minutes to erect. Mostly, they look sleek and crisp and are a staple of every home. There is a reason for this, and it’s because they are clutter magnets. Lots of properties have zero storage space and that makes the interior look untidy. This isn’t acceptable on Instagram which is why a touch of DIY is essential. To Ikea! How do you prepare your home for Instagram?

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