Five Interesting Ways to Customise Your Wedding

Every bride wants their wedding to be perfect and unique, so their guests remember the day for many years to come. If you are short of ideas to customize your theme and create an atmosphere that will impress everyone, below you’ll find a few tips on how you can make your wedding stand out and be remembered for its creative theme or design.
  1. Informal Setting

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You don’t have to follow the crowd and hire a hotel function room for your wedding. You can hold the big event on the beach, or even on a friend’s boat. No matter what you are looking to do on the day, make sure that you are feeling comfortable. If you don’t want to walk around in your wedding dress all night, slip into something else, and encourage your guests to do the same. You can check chesca for great ideas on wedding guest outfits.
  1. Candlelight

Instead of having a posh dinner party for your wedding, you might set up a tent in the wilderness and have a candle lit garden event. This will not only help you make the setting more romantic, but also save you money. Arrange different lanterns and candles around your garden and the marquee, so you can get enough light to see your guests, but not too much to hurt your eyes and make the wedding party too formal.
  1. Photo Board

If you want to tell your guests the story of your love, you can do this by displaying a photo board. You might even hire a projector and create a slideshow of the best photos and videos taken of you as a couple. You might even add some funny captions to the presentation. This personal touch will help your guests connect with you and start conversations.  
  1. Unique Theme or Live Performance

To make your wedding like no other, you could put your drama and musical skills to good use. No matter if you want to hold an open mic night during your reception, or perform a song, a play, or simply recreate the moment when you two met, you can make your wedding party the one to remember. Arrange a karaoke competition or perform your favorite song with your other half in front of your guests.
  1. Pub Style Decor  

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In case you would like to take the informal setting to the next level, you can set up your wedding venue in a pub style. Display chalkboards with funny messages, set up darts and a pool table, hold a pub quiz, and create a bar where people can talk to each other. This will feel like any other day out, but without people you don’t know being present.

Creating a perfect wedding that your guests will remember can be challenging. Put your creativity to good use, and break up with traditions. You don’t need to do what everyone else does; the more relaxed you feel, the better the atmosphere of your wedding night will be.

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