How To Make Your Wedding Like No Other

Lots of women (and some men) dream about their wedding day for the most part of their lives.
By the time it actually comes to getting some wedding planning done, it’s often to find that you’re unable to choose
what you want because you’ve accrued so many ideas over the years. Every bride wants their wedding to
be unique to them, and understandably too! It’s the most expensive and happiest day of your life, so of course
you want to make it your own!

Stuck on ideas for things you could include in your wedding day?

Check out these ideas on how to make your wedding like no other.

  1. Include your furry family in the ceremony. Have them a small tux made and get them walking down the aisle with you. A great idea for those couples that don’t have children yet or don’t want any at all! Use your fur baby!
  2. Have keepsakes for every possible moment of your wedding. From a note to the bride of the mother to an individual keepsake for each guest that’s attending, everything will make the difference!
  3. Come up with fun ideas for your wedding guests. Weddings are a celebration of love, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be all serious. Not only that, weddings are a long day and everyone appreciates a bit of fun right?
  4. If you’re planning on getting married on the beach, why not have your shoes imprinted with a cute message so that as you walk along the beach, you’re leaving a message. Things like ‘just married’ are a really great idea and are very inexpensive to achieve!
  5. Choose something else over sweets as the pardons for your guests. While sweets are a charming gift, something like a candle for the women and a shot of whiskey for the men will go down a treat and have everyone talking about your wedding!
  6. If you’re having children attend your wedding, then why not hire out a bouncy castle so that they can entertain themselves and the adults can have plenty of fun. Everyone wins this way, plus it poses some great picture opportunities.
  7. Talking of pictures, rather than only going for the traditional couple photos, why not add some fun into those too? Have a picture of your hands with your wedding rings on and use that image as your thank you cards for your guests. Let your personality come out with your wedding photos so that you can look back on them and cherish every moment.
  8. Why not ask your hubby to write you a letter and you do the same thing. You both then stand back to back on your wedding day and read the letter that your partner has written for you. It’s another perfect picture opportunity, but it’s a great feature to add to your wedding. It can be funny, romantic, or even both!

Try these 8 alternative wedding ideas and you’ll soon find that you’ve planned a wedding that’s going to be like no other and most importantly, you’re going to remember for the rest of your life!

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