So You Want to Be a Princess (But Can’t Afford Your Palace)?

Who doesn’t dream about living the good life and waking up every morning to breakfast freshly prepared by the butler, complemented by freshly squeezed orange juice and the morning’s papers awaiting your perusal? 
Your own personal team of shoppers and stylists picking out on the finest materials that money can buy and acres of land tended to by the gardener. All that you have to do is ring the bell and soon your army of staff tend to your every beck and call. 

Wouldn’t that be lovely? Of course it would, but unless you are directly in line to the throne or have a personal fortune that rivals that of Richard Branson, it’s a completely unrealistic concept. 

Luxury Doesn’t Always Mean Extravagance 
When one thinks of the finer things in life, it almost certainly doesn’t involve a route around the pound shop or rummage in the discount supermarket. That, my friends, is where you are going wrong because let me tell you that the rich do not stay rich by throwing money around as though it is going out of fashion. 
If there is one thing that will always remain fashionable, it is money, and we should do all that we can to keep hold of as much of it as possible. That means being frugal, being smart and making the most of any opportunity that comes your way. Just because something has an extra zero on the end doesn’t make it better, just as a lower price doesn’t cheapen its quality. 

Finding Your Palace 

Every princess needs a palace where she can retire at the end of a long day. Somewhere that she can unwind and watch over her kingdom from the comfort of her own sofa, that’s the dream.  
London, as England’s capital (and where you will find Buckingham Palace), is of course the ideal location for any princess’s palace. The thought of paying London prices might put you off, however, and that is understandable. What if, though, you had no intentions of using your palace every day? What if there was a way that you could still own your palace without parting with an obscenely high amount of money – after all, that’s how the rich stay rich. 

If this sounds interesting, you might want to look into the possibility of a fractional ownership of a property. This way, you own some of the property and can use it as and when you like, which is perfect if you are only looking for somewhere to call home as and when you are in the area. 

Finding Your Prince 

Now let’s get one thing straight, a true princess does not need a prince in order to shine for she can outshine anyone. After all, Queen Elizabeth I never married, making the declaration at the age of eight never to be bound in wedlock and staying true to her word. 

It is, however, nice to have someone else to be there for you. Finding your prince shouldn’t mean kissing a host of frogs before the perfect match is found. Instead, socialise with friends and don’t be afraid of saying yes to new and exciting opportunities because you never know who you will meet. Often, you find something when you aren’t even looking for it. 

Once you shake away the notion that you can’t afford luxury and that luxury cannot be found at a more reasonable price, you too can be a princess that will one day grow up to be a queen. 

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