The Benefits Of An Eco-Friendly Home

We are forever hearing about the need to go green, but how many of us actually bother? For most of us, the nearest we get to an eco-friendly lifestyle is doing the recycling every week, but even that is too much of an effort for some. The shame of it! If you’re somebody who needs a little convincing to sway you into the eco-friendly lifestyle, here are some of the benefits it can afford your home.

Benefit #1: It will cut down on your energy bills

How many of us love the pitter patter of the postman coming down our drive? Perhaps if he’s clutching our latest purchase from Groupon, then yes, but if his weary hands are clutching a fistful of bills, then definitely not. It’s time to board up your letterbox!

However, if you focus on renovating your home to be energy-efficient - sealing drafts, changing your

lightbulbs, buying Energy Star appliances - you are going to see the difference in your monthly
electricity and gas bills.

Benefit #2: You are creating a healthier home

You want to be healthy and comfortable in your home, right? Going green is the avenue you need to go
down. Once you have sealed your doors and windows from those pesky drafts, you will be less prone
to colds and infections. Furniture made with sustainable materials - check out the gorgeous
Alexander & James Sofas - are generally free of chemicals and other hazardous materials that can
pollute both your home and the environment. Cleaning your home with green products frees you
and your family (including pets) from the dangers of toxic chemicals. These are just some of the ways
you can create a healthier place to live. Result!

Benefit #3: You are raising the value of your home

If you’re looking to sell your home at any point in the future, then going green will certainly boost the
resale value. Eco-friendly homes are future proof, and many home buyers will consider the green
credentials of a house before buying. Not only do they want to save money in the long run
(see point#1) but they also want to do their bit in saving the planet (see our next point).

Therefore, when you do start work on any home improvements, focus on sustainable materials

and planet-saving technology to both do your bit for the environment, and to raise your home’s
resale value.

Benefit #4: You are saving the world

Do you need any more reason than this? Our world is under threat on a daily basis from our wasteful and destructive behaviour. Bad habits include failing to recycle, spraying the atmosphere with harmful chemicals from our deodorants, and wasting electricity by leaving the lights on and appliances plugged in. By curbing these bad habits, we will be doing our bit to protect the environment.

Save the world, save future generations of people, including your children and their children. If you ever wanted to be a superhero, being a green warrior in your own home is the best way to go about it (a Wonder Woman costume while you’re doing so is entirely optional).


So, what do you think? Have we done enough to convince you of the benefits of running an
eco-friendly home?

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