Choosing Your Wedding Music

Ahh, weddings. Weddings are the most happy days in many of ours lives and they are days filled with happiness, laughter and family. If you want to make your wedding the most special day in the world, one of the big mood setters is the music. Music is integral to a wedding because it will run through the whole day, and wedding music will change depending on the time of day and situation. Here are some tips for picking the best songs for your wedding this year.

Pre-ceremony music
These are the tunes which will be playing as people arrive at the venue and as they find their seats for the ceremony. Your pre-ceremony music should be upbeat and hopeful, to keep with the tone of this part of the day. Keep it light and keep it low so that people are able to talk to each other as they await the bride's entrance into the room. You can have classical music here such as I Giorni by Ludovico Einaudi for a gentle tone.

Bridal entrance
This is the most iconic part of the wedding, however you don’t need to conform to normal tradition if you don’t want to. Although ‘Here Comes The Bride’ is the norm, you can always play a song which start slows as the bridesmaids enter and changes tempo or octave when the bride appears. Do whatever suits you and have fun with it all.

First dance

The first dance is likely the easiest choice to make because most couples will have a song to call their own from day one. This song will be the one which you both think of as describing your Love for one another, and there can be no better choice for your first dance than a sing which means so much to you both. If you don’t already have a song, you can choose an upbeat song if you fancy a fun dance, or something much more romantic such as ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran.

Dinner music
When you are eating food and darling cocktails, this will be a more mellow vibe and one which you want to create to allow everyone a rest before the party later on. You don’t want dance hits and 80’s classics on just yet, stick to nice chilled out music and maybe even go for instrumental music to allow people to focus on chatting to each other and eating great food.

Party time

There is no better way to end a wedding than with a DJ such as Benny Smyth DJ playing those classic party hits. Everyone will be a little bit drunk by this point so it is the ideal time for you to break out the dance hits and get everyone jumping around on the dance floor. Think upbeat, oldies and classics t get every member of the family up and dancing to the beat!

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