Creating The Perfect Home

When it comes to creating a home, I am a massive fan of making it your own. I’ll be honest and say I will never live in a show-home. My furniture is mismatched, my rugs don’t match the décor and I am in desperate need of a proper side board, but it is mine and I live in!

I have started to invest in canvases for the wall, which I love and a bring pink flamingo clock now also calls my flat home. I want my living room especially, to be an extension of my personality and my loves. I have started to display fat and body positive books and art on my coffee table and this is definitely something that I want to expand on. When I am at home I spend a majority of my time in my living room, so why wouldn’t I want it to be just how I like it? I understand my tastes aren’t for everyone, but not everyone has to spend their time in my living room so that’s just fine by me!

Shopping for Homeware

What I love when it comes to shopping for homeware is that there is literally something for everyone. Want a bright yellow bathroom? No problem! Fancy a living room complete with rose gold décor? Fine! Whether you want to create a minimalist space or want your rooms filled with treasure and trinkets, there is definitely something for you.

There are lots of places that I love to shop – Asda Homeware and Tiger are some of my favourites. I can’t be the only person that wishes Tiger did online shopping! I also get the odd bit from Amazon and actually New Look has had the odd piece too! I definitely don’t have the budget to buy it all at once, so I will be looking for ALL the homeware sales in the coming months and buying bits as and when they come up!

Creating The Perfect Home

I don’t know about you, but I love spending time browsing home options online. I have loads of ideas of what I would do if I won the lottery and could invest in my own, perfect home. Without a doubt, I want a home with a conservatory and an aluminium lantern roof. I adore the sunshine, so being able to sit in a room like this throughout the summer would be wonderful! 

These last few weeks of sunshine, this would have been perfect. I can just imagine being sat in my conservatory, all of the doors open to let in the fresh air and the sun beaming through the windows at the top of the room, absolute bliss!

What Would You Do?

I love knowing what other people would do with their home if money were no object. I am sure most of us have taken steps to create a home we really love, but what if you would really go all out and buy exactly what you wanted, without worrying about budget – what would you create?

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