Friday, 6 July 2018

Creating a Wedding Reception To Remember

Your wedding day is meant to be one of the best days of your life. So you want to have the memories to look back on that will help you to feel happy about how it all went. The build up and planning can feel stressful as there is a lot to do. But it doesn’t have to be; you can create a few things in the planning of the wedding that will allow you to have an amazing wedding day that you and your guests (but most importantly you), can look back on with fondness.

Dance Lessons

For your first dance, it is all eyes on you. So you and your partner may want to practice, especially if this isn’t something that you are used to doing. But it could be even more fun in the lead up to the wedding to have some dance lessons. Then the two of you could really do something different for your first dance; how about an American Smooth or Charleston to mix things up a bit?

Wedding Band

If you want to break out of the box and steer clear of the classic DJ setup for the reception, then how about hiring a wedding band? There are plenty to find online, for example, this page has loads that you could choose from. It means you can hear some new music, enjoy live music, or have some classics played.

Create a Hashtag

Before the rise of social media, many weddings saw disposable cameras on the tables for people to take pictures with. But now with social media on the rise, particularly channels like Instagram, it can be fun to create a hashtag for your wedding. Then guests can share their images with the tag, and you can click that to see them from all of the guests. It will be fun to look back on as you can miss quite a lot of what is going on around you when you’re the bride!


The kinds of thing that you have at your wedding reception will be totally personal to you and what you like. But there can be some weddings that don’t just want the reception to be about food or dancing; they want karaoke in there too! It can be a fun way to get the guests involved, especially if there a few that may have had one or two drinks too many. Karaoke is always a good crowd pleaser, right?

Ice Cream Van

To make a change, while you are having your photos taken, how about hiring out an ice cream van for the guests? They can help themselves and you and the photographer can get the perfect shots that you want. When your guests are happy and content, it will help you to relax more, for sure.

Have you got any other ideas for fun ways to create a wedding to remember? One of the best things is to look back at ones you’ve been a guest at, to remember what you did or didn’t like about it.

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