Tuesday, 29 September 2020

4 Tips to Make a Wedding Reflect You

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Your wedding day is one that everyone looks forward to. Your parents get the chance to see their child enjoy one of the most significant occasions of their life, and your friends will revel in the opportunity to party all night long. However, while you want everybody to have a good time, you also want a wedding that reflects you and your partner to ensure it’s a day to remember.

Encourage Candid Shots 

If you’re someone who hates the idea of posing for a photo and never feel you’re looking at the camera right or believe your smile is just too false, encouraging candid shots can add a natural look to your wedding snaps. 

When you come to plan your wedding, you may fret and worry over which photographer to choose, but while a professional is useful, you can also ask guests to get involved as well. Leave a disposal camera on each table, and you’ll get something more authentic. Of course, you can’t solely rely on guests, so a professional photographer is always vital. 

Create a Signature Cocktail 

Artisanal cocktails and drinks are big in the wedding scene right now, and creating a signature cocktail from your and your partner to serve to your guests is a fantastic way to include some unique flavours. 

You can go for your favourite couples’ cocktail, or you can channel your inner bartender and create something no one has ever had before. This comes with its risks, though, so make sure you don’t pack it with too much alcohol that no one makes it to the dancefloor. 

Photos Through the Years 

What better way to celebrate your journey than by placing photographs throughout the years around the venue? To be honest, there isn’t, and while you may have spent some of your life apart, you can look forward to the next journey you will go on together. 

From cute toddler pictures to those awkward teenage years you’d tried so hard to forget about, it’s a celebration of how you and your partner have matured and managed to find happiness at the end of it. 

Pick Your Playlist  

The wedding playlist is one of the most frustrating things to work out. Do you go for a band and let them play whatever they like? Do you hire a professional wedding DJ who could clear the dancefloor with tunes that have not been popular for twenty years? 

One solution is to pick your own playlist. This gives you the chance to include all the songs you want to hear as well as pepper them with popular songs that will get people moving. One of the biggest things at a wedding is the atmosphere, and you can’t have an atmosphere without a pumping dancefloor. 

Your Day 

At the end of it all, it’s your day, and you want it to reflect you, your partner, and your relationship as much as possible. The beauty of a wedding is that you can do it however you like, and if people don’t like it, that’s on them. You are the only one that gets a say. 

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