Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Clever Storage Ideas for an Organised Wardrobe

A wardrobe that’s full-to-bursting makes choosing outfits time consuming and stressful. It’s way better when your wardrobe is a haven of inspiration and colour or style coordination.

Cut the Closet Chaos

The way you use the space plays a big part. You can, for instance, create a lot more hanging space if you install a second rail below the main rail. All you need is a length of metal tubing and a couple of end supports. You can even buy wardrobe rail kits online that come with everything you need, although it’s pretty easy to put one together yourself.

Extra rails work great if you have mostly separates, but what about when your clothes are longer, such as dresses or full length coats?

In this case, why not split your hanging items into categories, so all the longer items are to one side of the rail. You’ll have room for a plastic drawer tower or a shoe rack underneath shirts or skirts so you have extra space for jumpers, footwear, accessories or undies.

Moving the little things like socks and underwear into alternative storage in the wardrobe frees up dressing table or chest space for hairstyling and makeup.

A Wardrobe for all Seasons

You don’t have to keep every stitch of clothing at home all the time. One popular approach to clothes storage is to keep out of season items in self-storage.

The idea is to rent a storage room large enough to act as a walk-in wardrobe. Install as many hanging rails, chests of drawers or shelves as you need, then use this as the place to keep out of season clothing pristine till you need it again. As long as the fixtures are all freestanding, you can have whatever you like.

There’s an added benefit too, on top of gaining all that extra space in the wardrobe at home. When you haven’t seen clothes for a few months, you tend to forget exactly what you’ve got. As the seasons' turn, you’ll rediscover you own a treasure trove of garments that will all seem fresh again. And if you come across anything you definitely won’t wear this season, you can donate or sell it knowing you won’t regret it.

And you can, of course, use your self-storage room for other household storage overflow as well as clothes.

Squeeze Every Last Inch Out of the Wardrobe

Back at home, you should now have a much more manageable wardrobe. But there are still one or two tricks for getting everything super organised:

·         If you’ve got a top-shelf, use shelf dividers to help keep items stacked and folded as they should be.

·         Use a hanging basket or tray under the shelf where you can pop gloves or hats, or any other small items that may not have their own home.

·         Fit a narrow rail or a few hooks inside the wardrobe door. Great for hanging scarves, belts, beads, or ties.

·         If you’ve got a bit of extra space at the bottom, use a tension rod (normally for light window dressings) to make a shoe rack. It’s easy to hook heels over to keep shoes corralled.

·         You can use drink can ring pulls in place of hanger extenders. Just connect two hangers together to increase your hanging space.

When you love clothes, you’re likely to have a decent-sized collection and a fair amount of money invested. Getting the wardrobe organised keeps expensive items in good condition longer, so you get even more pleasure out of them.

That’s got to be a good thing!

If you have any handy tips I've missed, please share them below!

Debz x

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