Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Karndean is the Master of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Who doesn’t love art?

Art gives a unique sense of self to any space. Throughout the decades art has changed and adapted, so your taste in art now will reflect so much more than just your favourite colours, it tells people who you are.

Vinyl flooring may not come to the forefront of your mind when you think of art, however,  the Karndean click vinyl flooring ranges have all been designed with distinct luxury in mind, which can only be delivered through truly artistic design.

Da Vinci

Iconic and renowned for being the pinnacle of fine taste.

Using a traditional finish which incorporates a bevelled edge, this vinyl flooring range is as classy as they come. Luxury vinyl delivers a sleek, smoother plank than alternative flooring choices which a diverse textured layer on tile options which make a lasting impression.

The fantastic Limed Silk Oak and Coastal Driftwood shades demonstrate class and sophistication best in the Da Vinci range.

Van Gogh

The Van Gogh range is deliberately mesmerising. Showing individual qualities which are there to prove how diverse and unique luxury vinyl flooring can be.

Van Gogh brings a variety of taste and texture to any home. For those that love urban-chic style, warm or cold shades can make your home into the ultimate urban home. The complex designs of Van Gogh are produced to look unique and will are a tougher surface to the touch.

Van Gogh vinyl flooring boasts a 0.55mm wear layer which is guaranteed a longer-lasting floor use. Homeowners or interior designers looking to create a calm natural atmosphere turn to Van Gogh’s for its uncanny replication of authentic woods in natural shades.

 A Price That is Less

Karndean doesn’t cost even half the amount it would restore say… a priceless work of art which hangs in a museum. Instead, Karndean state of the art technologies to allow easy maintenance of both planks and tiles for years to come.

Using advanced manufacturing methods, Karndean promotes health and safety awareness. Each moisture-resistant plank and tiles give safety by adapting to changing temperatures, so the PU surface layer doesn’t gather condensation or heat up if near a fire or paired with underfloor heating.

The anti-slip properties also provide a heightened capacity to act as protection against children running around the property or when spilt liquids make your kitchen a hazard.

Let’s not forget the amazing anti-stain properties that can take the worry away from spilt red wine or food. Your artful vinyl flooring can be restored to its former glory using a simple mop and brush, with warm soapy water mixed with vinegar to bring back its original shine and luxury colour palette.

Karndean click vinyl flooring will have all your guests walking with their heads down through your home, they won’t be able to look away from your artistic flooring.

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