How To Get That Vintage Interior

If you’re into the stunning vintage, then there’s no reason this shouldn’t be accessible to everyone with all budgets. If you do decide to transform your home in the vintage style, then you’d assume it’ll be expensive. But before you splash out, have a look at some of these tips.

Classically, you’d associate a vintage interior with the highly desirable wood flooring. Especially, a beautiful parquet style with lots of knots and imperfections running throughout. Not only will this perfectly go with the vintage look but is also bang on trend at the moment. Of course, this flooring is amazing, but at a high price!

One of the best things about real wood is that there’s so many options, all of which are at different prices. If you’re wanting to go to town, then a shabby chich whitewashed wood would look great and tends to be much more affordable than other wood flooring types.

With this being said, it’s worth looking at other alternatives that look almost identical to real wood and are a lot cheaper as well as being easier to maintain. Therefore, we’d recommend laminate or luxury vinyl tiles, both of which look striking similar to real wood.


Although real wood will add charm and richness to your space, it’s not always practical. It can scratch, stain and is no good when it comes into contact with too much water.


So, if you’re a big fan of vintage style flooring but just need something that’s not going to totally break the bank, don’t worry. You can almost certainly achieve the look you want with laminate and LVT, as well as loads of other benefits too!

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