Tips & tricks: How to get started with sewing

While spending more time at home, you have a fantastic opportunity to pick up a new hobby. Sewing is a great way to use your hands, and at the same time create your own clothing or house interior. Regardless if you are a beginner to sewing, or are skilled with the sewing machine, this article will bring you some tips and tricks when you get started with sewing.

Sewing machine and supplies

Crucial for getting started with sewing is a sewing machine and sewing supplies.

If you are deciding on buying a sewing machine, doing proper research is always recommended. There are a lot of great brands and machines out there, but you should make sure to find one that suits your needs. If you are planning on using your sewing machine alot, and working on big projects, it might be worth investing in a more expensive sewing machine. With that being said, there are also a lot of affordable brands out there that will work great for your sewing projects. Research is key!

When getting sewing supplies, a great tip is to only get the most necessary items first, such as fabric scissors, seam ripper, sewing pins, tape measure, pattern paper, chalk or washable markers. For basic projects, not much more is needed - and once you get more experienced you can invest in more supplies.

Sewing patterns

The most fun part of getting started with sewing is to find a sewing pattern for your projects. Sewing patterns can be bought physically or digitally. The digital sewing pattern often consists of a printable PDF (which can be printed at home), and instructions on how to make the garment. There are lots of sewing patterns to choose from, and easy beginners sewing patterns can be downloaded for free.

The scrunchie is a perfect beginner sewing project. If you sign up for the free Yarnie newsletter, you will receive 7 different sewing patterns for free.

Yarnie's The Needle Craft Newsletter is a great resource for anyone who is interested in quality free sewing patterns. It's completely free to sign up and every newsletter features a free pattern, alongside inspiring articles with talented needlecraft creators and designers. You will also be able to widen your sewing skills with the tips and tricks included in the newsletter.

Free quilt patterns and sewing patterns are included in the Yarnie newsletter.

Fabric & thread

A good fabric for beginners is a fabric that is easy to sew with, but also isn't so expensive. You shouldn’t worry about making mistakes. In the beginning you might use up a bit more fabric and this is part of the learning process. A light or mid-weight woven fabric, such as cotton, linen or cotton-linen blend is a great fabric to start out with, as it won’t stretch or slip while sewing. 

There are a lot of fabric and thread manufacturers to choose from, and the possibilities to shop online are endless. If you prefer to go to a physical store to buy your fabric and thread (to also get a feeling what it looks and feels like) you can visit your closest craft fabric store, or visit the local market.

If you want to be sustainable in your selection of fabric, then repurposing an old thrifted fabric is a great way to upcycle a sewing project. In thrift stores there are a lot of second hand fabrics, such as old tablecloths, bed linen and much more.

Have fun sewing and learning a new craft!

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