Dating in 2021 – Anything Goes

We’re in uncertain times, and if I have to type that sentence again it’ll be too soon! It’s strange isn’t, we all know that we’re in these uncertain times but they’re something we share and talk about often. I guess it’s liking knowing we’re not alone is helpful, after all, if everyone is the same boat it doesn’t feel so lonely. When I was dating, I found the same. As someone who hasn’t always been as comfortable in their body as they are now, plus size dating was perfect for me.

Niche Dating Websites

If I was signed into a plus size dating website, I knew that the people on the site were looking for someone fat. It wasn’t something I had to drop into conversation or mention in order to make it very clear – they knew, I knew they knew and that was all fine. I imagine signing up to a website or app for BDSM dating is much the same. Any sexual kink or fetish is fine to have (of course) but if it is something that is a deal-breaker for you, then joining a website where you already know the person has an interest in this can be helpful.

Of course, I now know that introducing my body type like it is something sort of issue is not the right approach to dating – because all bodies are great! I met my boyfriend on Plenty of Fish and my body size was never an issue or something that I felt I had to highlight to him!

That said if you’re looking to become a mistress, or indeed find yourself one then I can see the merits of joining a website geared towards this because even though people from all walks of life join dating sites such as Plenty of Fish, there is one less thing to worry about if you know it is already something they approve of.

Meeting Someone

I have talked before about meeting someone new online, but I’ll talk about it forever if it keeps people safe. People who are into BDSM are no more likely to be dangerous than anyone you meet from another dating website, but there is no harm in keeping yourself safe.

If you’re meeting some you haven’t met before, always choose somewhere public to meet. Options are limited currently (there I go again, we all know that already) but you could always have some fun video chats before you meet up. Always let a friend know where you are going and check in with them as the date progresses so they know you are safe and sound. When I met my now-boyfriend, I did get in the car with him a few hours after we met but I text his car number plate to my friend. We drove to where I lived then so I could pick up some stuff, but I made him park around the corner and wait in the car so he didn’t know my exact flat. I now know I was perfectly safe and we have a giggle about the precautions I took, but you just never know. Be safe, always.


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