Dating Someone You're Compatible With

Whether you're new to online dating or someway of a seasoned professional, you'll know the importance of finding someone that you're compatible with. Of course, there isn't ever going to be someone you match with 100% and that is okay - in fact, that often helps to keep things interesting. However, there are somethings that are important to match on when you're in a relationship, so there is no harm in setting out to find these when you first start dating.

Finding Someone Compatible

There are some things it is important to be compatible with and others that just don't matter too much. For example, if you're into Coronation Street and he's more into Eastenders, that doesn't matter and is easily something you can compromise over. 

When it comes to things such as sexual preference, likes and dislikes and what type of relationship you're looking for - then it becomes more important to be compatible and think along the same lines.

The good news is that online dating can help us with a nudge in the right direction of finding someone into the same things as us. For example, I've definitely used plus size dating websites before because they felt more comfortable to be. I felt that this would help me meet someone who already knew I was fat and therefore it wasn't a conversation that needed to be had.

If your likes and bedroom antics are a little more adventurous then a website such as can help. When you join a website such as this, you know that the people signed up also have an interest in this and you can assume a basic knowledge.

What Exactly Are You Looking For?

Of course, before you can join any website specific to your dating needs you need to consider what it is you're looking for. Not everyone on dating websites is looking for the same thing, so being safe in the knowledge that you know what you're looking for is a great start. For example, there is little point joining a mistress dating site if you're looking for a committed relationship and to start a family. There is nothing wrong in looking for something more casual or kinky, but be honest.

The First Date

The type of website you meet on might affect where you go on your first date. Of course, everyone is different and has different needs so make sure you talk to the person you're planning to meet up with about what they would like. If you have met on a website that is a bit kinky then they might be really open-minded to something fun like an adult-only cabaret show or a night in an adult’s only hotel. It is really important that you check with the person you're interested in meeting with, so you can ensure they’re happy and gain all the right consent before you go ahead and book.

 Have you been on any interesting dates recently? I'd love to hear about them!

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