Staying Safe When Online Dating

It's been a while since I dated, however I am definitely aware of online dating and how it all works. Throughout my time as a singleton I joined a few different dating websites and definitely had a mixed bag of experience. Of course, I met my partner online too and look how that worked out, so I'm definitely pro online dating! However, what I would say is that staying safe when you're meeting someone new is essential.

Making Sure You Stay Safe

Whenever you're meeting someone for the first time, you need to keep in the back of your mind that they might be not exactly who they say they are. Of course, most people you speak to online are legit so you should be fine, but it's certainly something you would bear in mind. 

When you decide to take the plunge and meet up with someone, it is essential that you tell a friend where you are going and your rough plans. My go-to person was always Lucia from U Can't Wear That. She would generally know who I was meeting, where I was going and then I would text her shortly into the date to tell her all was going fine (or how much I wanted to leave). When I met my current boyfriend, after a couple of hours we decided we would go to the zoo - so I got in his car to drive there- but not before texting Lucia his car number plate, just in case. Of course, on this occasion, it all worked out perfectly and if you're meeting people from places such as Strathclyde dating websites the chances are your experience will be the same, but always go cautiously!

 Dating in 2021

Currently, the world of online dating is very different and National Lockdown means we can't go out and meet new people, even if we wanted to. I think this probably takes the pressure off a little - so you can get to know someone without having rush into meeting them.

Take advantage of the new phase of virtual games, quizzes and chats. There are loads of cool things to do online - escape rooms, museum tours and even something as simple as watching a Netflix film at the same time. I know it isn't the same as being in the same room as someone and meeting them face to face, but it is a great way to get to know someone new without actually getting out there and meeting them.

Joining a Dating Website

If you haven't dated online before, don't worry - it's easy! Simply find the dating website you'd like to join and sign up. I always spent a little time writing a profile, as it was important for me that people knew what I was looking for (a relationship and not a hook-up) and that they knew a bit about me. I always chose to upload a couple of photos too, with at least one full-length photo. Then I got going - messaging and replying to people with a relaxed attitude, because a majority of people you talk to you aren't going to meet up with, so you don't need to worry or get too invested in the initial stages at all.

If you have any online dating tips, share them below!

Debz x

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