The Benefits of Renting Your Home

Before moving in with my boyfriend I always rented the places that I lived and that suited for. Of course, if you add the fact that buying a house is super expensive so has always been out of my reach anyway! I know that there is often an underlying expectation that someone in their thirties will have bought their own home, but I wanted to share with you my experience of renting so you can see it isn't all bad.

Moving House is Easy

Anyone can move house, but if you actually own your home then it can be much more costly and time-consuming. For starters, if you have sold your house and placed an offer on a new one, the conveyancing process can take 12 weeks or more - that's without taking into account the time it took to sell your house and the cost for using conveyancers.

When I rented a flat, the only real thing I had to worry about was saving for a new deposit and the cost of actually moving. Other than that, a months notice and I could generally move if I wanted. I've lived in a rented flat in London, a flat in Birmingham and a house share in Birmingham and I liked them all for different reasons.      


You Don't Have To Worry About Repair Costs

One of the things many people will tell you about being a homeowner is the worry of repair costs. A leaking roof can be a costly repair bill and even something such as a broken washing machine can be costly - and always comes at the wrong time. As a tenant, these generally are your landlord's responsibility so that is one less thing for you to worry about. Landlords can even get insurance to help with this. It may be worth asking your landlord if they have anything like and if they don't, tell them to get online to compare landlord insurance quotes and see if they can find something that would work out for them.

Meet New People

When I decided to move to Birmingham, I didn't really have a solid job lined up and I wasn't sure where I would want to live. So what I did was move into a house share, which I planned to stay for 3 months until I found somewhere near. I actually ended up staying for 18 months because I liked it so much. It was also a really great way to meet new people - which in turn helps you get to know lots of hidden gems about the local area.

Have you rented a property before? I'd love to hear about your experience!

Debz x

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