How To Save Money When Running a House

Running a house isn’t cheap and especially in the colder months, the costs seem to rocket. We might be finally reaching better weather and brighter evenings, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look how to save some money. After all, winter will be back around (I know!!) and if you look into savings now, you could very well save yourself a decent amount next winter.


One of the best ways to save money is to make sure that you’re paying the best possible price for the utilities in your home. This can be as easy as calling your existing provider and making sure that you’re paying a good tariff, or so what customer loyalty schemes they have. There are also a number of gas, electric and broadband provider so shopping around to ensure you’re getting the best deal is well worth doing, after all, who wants to spend more than they need to on bills?

Think Lighting

I bet if you count up the number of light bulbs you have in your house you have more than you think. I have just had a quick glance around and in the living room/dining room I am sat in there are 7 light bulbs alone; 2 more in the hallway and we’re up to nearly 10 and I’ve only been in two rooms in the house. Making sure that you have lighting options that are cost-effective is definitely one way to save money. Lots of people assume that LED lighting is for offices and bigger buildings but that is not the case at all. With LED panels and a range of LED bulbs available, they’re a cheaper option to traditional light bulbs. They use much less energy to run them & they’re better for the environment, so it’s a win-win situation really!

Make Your Home Energy Efficient

As well as using LED lighting, you should take some steps to make sure that your home is as energy-efficient as possible. Things you can do immediately, especially during the cold weather is to get into the habit of closing doors behind you; which really helps keep the heat in! In the winter, we call it getting snug for the evening – where we close all the doors, close the living room curtains and put on the TV. It feels all nice & warm and will help save money. Draught excluders & decent curtains can also help to keep the heating it. You can go the extra mile with plugs on timers & making sure that devices are turned off and not left on standby when you’re not using them.

Litho LED suppliers and INUI have teamed up to offer some cost-effective LED lighting options for homes of all sizes. By swapping to their bulbs & taking some steps to save yourself money on bills, you could find yourself saving a sizable amount over the year, so they’re well worth considering.

If you have any money-saving tips for the home, I’d love to hear them!

Debz x

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