Rixo - When Inclusivity Becomes Invisible

 The brides in this tweet are undoubtedly beautiful, and the dresses are stunning. I am sure the range has a number of pieces that mean there is something for everyone, after all, Rixo has designed their collection "with all shapes and sizes in mind".

My social media feeds have been bustling with people talking to Rixo, offering to educate them on their poor choice of wording & even poorer attempt at an inclusive collection, but it appears to have fallen on deaf ears. I wanted to show Rixo the absolute range of beauty they're missing out on, by assuming that all body shapes and sizes stop at a size 16. 

First up we have Charlie, Mandy and Denise, aren't they beautiful?

The stunning Rebecca from Sullen Hearts got married AND renewed her vows, Rixo, are you paying attention?

Then we have the gorgeous Clare and her Valentines Day wedding and Emma, from PlusSizeMum33

Lolly Likes looking stunning as ever, and Janet & Daisy showing that brides over a size 16 aren't a new phenomenon!

How lovely do Charlotte, Claire Dewis and Emma look? Absolutely lovely!

Another stunner that got married and renewed her vows - Alanna

Full length dresses from Michelle, Lily and Lisa all looking beautiful!

Beautiful Bloggers Just Average Jen and Sophie Rymer looking beyond lovely on their wedding days

Look at the lovely Hollie, Kathryn & Sarah

Look how lovely Joanne looks in both of her vow renewals, Rixon how could you be happy to miss out on such an opportunity?

Louise, Lisa and Dana, all three are shining examples of looking GREAT on your wedding day!

Gemma, Sarah and Tracey - all looking knockout on their big day!

Charlotte, Sarah & Jen - absolute stunners!

Char, Heather & Katy, looking nothing less than perfect

Look at Stacey Sally and Sharon all looking radiant!

So there you have it Rixo, brides over a size 16 are nothing new. You're missing out on the honour of clothing so many, many beautiful women just by making an inclusive range that excludes so many people. You can make the clothing you choose to make, but when you make a statement as bold as being inclusive for all shapes & sizes, it may be wise to have something to back this up.

These are the photos I have been sent, I realise that brides come in a much more diverse range than those pictured. If you'd like to be featured, just reach out and I would be delighted to add you!

If you'd like to share your photos of you as a bride on social media, please tag me @Debzlouiseblog and use the #NotInclusiveRixo and I'll share as many of them as I can. Make sure you check out the hashtag to see some beautiful brides.

Have a lovely Sunday evening and stay safe 

Debz xx


  1. Thank you for showing brands that there are people beyond a size 16 and we deserve the same clothing options!

  2. Fantastic feature, thanks Debz. It’s so important to bring awareness to people about this. Having to go to speciality shops makes us feel pretty rubbish. This company are losing out hugely!

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