Things To Consider When Working For Yourself

Some of you will know, I started my own business a year ago. I'm pleased to say that Get Virtual Assistance is doing okay & it's something I have been able to continue with throughout lockdown; I know that makes me very lucky!

I've worked for myself before so I was sort of used to what it entailed, but during a time when I've not been able to leave the house much (same as all of us) this year has been different. Not all bad, but definitely all different. 

Have a Nice Work Space

Once I knew I would be working from home for the foreseeable I set about making my workspace at home nice. I have loads of photos up on the wall to the right of me, a comfortable chair, a decent desk and I even invested in an extra monitor so I can work over two screens. Since then I have added some canvas prints to the wall to make it even nicer. I figured that if I was going to be spending time at home working from the desk then I should make it as nice to work from as possible. 

Make Sure You're Protected

One thing I haven't always been the best at but that should always be considered is protecting yourself. There are different insurances you can get these days that are tailored towards different jobs and industries so being protected is easier than ever.

I also recently learned about income protection - an insurance scheme you can pay into that then pays out a percentage of your salary if you're ever signed off work due to illness or injury. I know as someone who is self-employed that sick days are something that you're really reluctant to take because of the loss of pay; but this means you don't have that worry - and when you are working for yourself, the less you have to worry about the better.

Have a Back-Up Plan

I started Get Virtual Assistance and then the world went into lockdown a few weeks later, so I have to admit I did panic. I kept an eye on Indeed and other job websites to see what employment opportunities were out there. I also updated my CV so that I could apply for a job at any given time.

Forget All The Rules

It is all well and good people like me writing a set of rules, but when you're working for yourself, especially with times as they are now you must do what works best for you. for example, I talked about a nice working area & making it pretty. A couple of weeks ago, I got lonely working upstairs so my laptop is now in the living room, on our dining room table and I work within the hustle and bustle of family life. It probably won't always be like that, but that is what I felt would work for me at the time so that is what I did

If you have any tips for people working for themselves/working from home feel free to share them below!


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