Investing in a Working From Home Set-Up

As lots of you know, I have been working from home for a year now & I love it. However, one of the major differences I noticed when I first started working from home, was how I set and what my work set up was like. Rather than having a property desk and a comfy chair, I perched where I could and didn't have a proper setup. This meant I ended the day feeling all achy & I couldn't be as productive as I was before.

Investing in a Good Set-Up

Once I know that working from home was something that I was likely to stick at, I invested in a decent desk and chair. I also got an extra screen and made sure that I had something that put my laptop at a decent eye level. Most of the time these aren't things we think about, however, I noticed a massive difference as soon as I did this and found myself sitting properly to work. This meant that I felt much better at the end of the day but also was able to work more productively as I wasn't constantly shifting to feel more comfortable.

The good news is that there are loads of desks out there so whether you're looking for executive desks or something a little smaller, you'll be able to find something that works for you. You can even get custom made ones if you have a smaller space or an unusual space that you want to fit the desk. 

Making It A Nice Space To Work

I also wanted to make sure the space I had to work in was a nice environment. I printed out loads of photos to display on the wall and also some canvas prints and quotes to brighten things up.

On top of that, I invested in loads of really nice stationery - highlighters, nice pens and some really nice notepads! 

For me, investing in having a nice workspace at home was important. I realised that I was spending hours each day at my desk so it made sense to make sure it was a nice place to work too. A decent desk and chair was a great place to start & the rest definitely helped to make it a much nicer place to spend a large part of my day.

What tips do you have for anyone working from home?

Debz x

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