Can I Really Meet a Partner Online?

The answer is yes! You might need to sift through a few people that aren’t suitable and go on a few dates that become something you talk about at parties to get a laugh, but if you stick at it is perfectly possible to meet a partner online. I’m testament to the fact it can work and there will be plenty of other people with stories of dating that has been just as successful. 

But, how do you actually meet someone online?

Choose Where You Want To Put Yourself

There is no end of dating websites out there, so finding one that suits you shouldn’t be too much of a chore. I would recommend doing some research and have a browse of what is out there before you decide which one(s) to join. I went through a stage of joining a couple of plus size dating websites and they were fun! So you could look for a Christian dating site, or one for people who are local – the choice is yours.

Set Up An Honest and Positive Profile

Whatever site you join, one of the first things you’ll need to do is set up a profile. I always found this was a good place to be honest about what you were looking for and what you expected. So, I always pointed out on my profile that I was fat and that it was important the person I dated accepted and liked this, rather than expecting me to change. I put up a couple of full-length photos to show my whole body and put across my confidence, which I think is something important. I was never looking for casual dating (no problem with this if you are) and always put this on my profile too!

Go in With An Open Mind

Whether you’re looking for Christian dating or something different you need to go in with an open mind. The chances of your soul mate being the first person who messages you or the first person you meet up with is slim, so don’t let a few bad apples ruin the whole experience for you. Instead, look at the whole experience as a learning curve and get stuck in. Be open-minded, chat with lots of people and most importantly, have fun!

Make The First Move

While you can sit back and wait for people to message you; you might be missing out. Although it can seem scary, you should definitely push yourself to message people first! After all, what’s the worst that can happen? They say no – You can delete the messages and move on! However, if everyone sat back and waited for everyone else to make the first move there would be no connections. So push yourself out of your comfort zone and send a few first messages, I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

I know I have chatted a lot about dating lately, but I think with the world going back to normal more people are going to be getting backout onto the dating scene again. If you have any tips you’d share with people taking the plunge, I’d love it if you shared them below!


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