Dealing With Dry Skin

I have always suffered from dry skin especially on my scalp and face. I've now found a routine that works for me, so thankfully it is less of an issue however when I was younger it was a nightmare. (I saw routine, I mean the right moisturiser for slapping on my face once a day - I'm not really a skincare routine kinda girl, sorry).

Although I haven't suffered too badly when I was younger, some of my dry skin definitely dipped into eczema, with patches on my arm becoming really sore and itchy. Even now I can remember the itchiness of it - so hard to deal with. You know that scratching it is only making your skin sorer, but you can't help but scratch because the itchiness is just too hard to bear - nightmare!

Dealing With Eczema

I found that keeping my skin moisturised definitely helped with the dryness, which in turn helped with the itchiness. As a kid (and even now as an adult) it's hard to get into a good routine with moisturising, but it absolutely helps so is recommended. I have found that the Simple moisturiser works well for me, but that has taken some experimenting. You might need to experiment and work out what works well for you, or your child if it is a young one that is suffering.

For very young children telling them to not itch is impossible, especially if in babies who couldn't understand what you're telling them even if they wanted to. I've recently come across Scratch Sleeves, which look really good. They go from newborn to 3 years old and then simply slip over the body, think of it like a cardigan that they can wear under clothes and they have closed sleeves which means that they can't get their hands out to scratch which definitely helps. They might still rub their skin, but the soft material on the sleeve is going to do far less damage than fingernails scraping across the skin.

Another thing I found that worked well when I was younger was adjusting the way I dried after a bath or shower. Rather than taking a towel and rubbing it all over my body, which could aggravate my skin I simply patted myself dry - and made sure that I dried everywhere thoroughly. This definitely helped my skin become less inflamed and in return helped my skin be less itchy.

If you have any tips for dealing with eczema please feel free to share them below!


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