Summer Is On It's Way - I Wore REAL Clothes to Celebrate!

I can't be alone in spending more time than ever in loungewear over the last 12 months. In fact, I've invested in my first (few) pairs of jogging bottoms to wear around the house and it's safe to say I'm a fan! 

That doesn't mean I haven't bought new clothes over the last year, just that I haven't really had many places to wear nice dresses and get a bit glammed up. However, when restrictions were lifted before the weekend we decided to go for a family picnic to see some family we hadn't seen last summer. 

The weather forecast told us it would be sunny, but I have to be honest I had no idea just how nice the weather would be! A few days before I got my boyfriend to redye my hair for me, I got out one of my new dresses and my new New Balance trainers, ready for the day - which did not disappoint.

I can't find a link to this Yours Clothing dress now but it would have been a good few months ago I got it. I bought it in my usual size and it's slightly generous, which makes it really comfortable to wear without looking oversized. I always get a 6.5 in New Balance to allow for the fact that they aren't wide fit and they always fit me perfectly, which this pair did too!

The leggings are my favourite ones, kindly gifted by Love Leggings. These are really thick so have been great during the colder weather. I hear a rumour they're going to bring out some thinner material ones for summer which I would definitely get!

I have loads of Yours Clothing dresses now and I would say they generally come up a little generous. I love the fact that they do up to a size 40, how amazing is that? If you have shopped with them feel free to share your recommendations!

I know that we are in strange times and it's not the same for everyone but it felt nice to have straightened hair, a bit of makeup and a new dress on to sit in the sun for a couple of hours. It was lovely!

Debz x

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