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I have been asked a few times now, how I found confidence and became happy in who I am. For me, I think it comes from surrounding myself with positive influences. A lot of that comes from a great group of friends who have never held me back, but also from online media. There is a whole wealth of writers, singers, talkers, poets and more who are all putting together pieces of art in the name of positive body image! I try to blog about them when they put together something new, but I know that sometimes they can get missed in the blog post list - especially when I have had a long week.

So here is a list (probably outdated by now) of people I like - whose words of wisdom and general stance on positive body image and confidence have made a difference or inspired me... I hope you like them just as much!!

How To Be Confident  A Video by Bloggers Danielle and Callie - Well worth a watch!

Whitney Trope - The now infamous lady in the "Fat Girl Dances" videos (YouTube it) and behind the No Body Shame Campaign, which is taking off massively!

Carrie Hope Fletcher - A YouTube singer, West End Superstar and little sister of Tom from McFly. She released a video about body image and weight which I loved. You can read all about it here!

Hollie McNish - Recently used for a series of Dove adverts Hollie performances poetry on a number of issues, including a number of amazing and inspiring pieces surrounding body image. You can read all about it here

The You Are More Beautiful Than You Think Project - An interesting video made by Dove and well worth a watch. You can read all about it here.

Tess Munster - Tess is a plus size model who started the 'effyourbeautystandards' movement which has grown massively. She is always instagramming words of wisdom and inspiring photos. Read all about her here.

When Your Mother Says She’s Fat - An open letter by a lady to Kasey, to her mother. If you haven’t read the letter then please take 2 minutes to read it, it’s inspiring. Read all about it here.

Mary Lambert  - Singer/Songwriter who released a song called I know Girls (Body Love) which you HAVE to listen to. Read all about her here.

Natasha Devon - A real hero of mine! She is part of 'Body Gossip' who go into schools to educate teenagers on body image, acceptance, confidence etc. She often fights for body image causes. Read all about her here.

10 Thoughts of Being Loved by A Skinny Boy - A spoken word poem written by Rachel Whiley - very much worth a listen. You can read all about her here

I'm Enough - Video by girlband The Mrs about changing our inner voice, perfect!

I'll update this page as and when I can! Thanks for reading!

If you have any I have missed, I'd love to hear about that

Debz xx

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