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Fashion World Competition

Just a short post today, to let you know about a Fashion World competition. In fact if you have been reading any blogs then you might have come across this competition before, because it's a bit of fun and getting peoples attention! In fact Natty Nikki is even featured on the main poster for the competition - bit exciting!

The competition is about recreating photos from yester-year and I personally have quite enjoyed browsing the #FWThrowback on Twitter and looking at peoples throwbacks!
I don't have any holiday photos from when I was younger (aww poor Debz) but I wanted to share with you just how much my hair (and posing skills) have changed over the years! ;)

I know.. I look SO different!! haha (If only I had a blue and white checked dress so I could recreate the photo properly!)

Have you recreated a pic yet? Send me a link if you can, I would love to have a nosey! If you haven't - you should! The competition gives you the chance to win £150 of fashion and swimwear from Fashion World... 

Could you even imagine how exciting that would be to win!?


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