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I Promise To Love You - A Plus Size Promise

A few weeks ago the magnificent Katt from A Curvy Cupcake put up a vlog about how she wanted this summer to be different for her and her body. In the video she promised herself that if she was warm she would show her arms without shame. This might seem like a small deal, but for many the implication is massive!

I loved the idea of this so decided to rope in loads of bloggers to do the same. Today we're all posting our #PlusSizePromise. You can see a list of the other bloggers taking part in this at the bottom!

With Thanks

I Promise To Love You

Sometimes our bodies make us angry - it could be our inability to do something, a dress not fitting right or something else. I promise that even at times if I feel disappointed in my body, I will love it!

I Promise Not To Blame Myself

It is so easy to get angry at the lack of plus size shopping options and feel that you are too fat to shop. Whilst shopping is getting better for people like me (at the upper end of the scale) it is sometimes frustrating to see SO MANY ranges stop at a size 24. Rather than be disappointed that I am too big for these ranges, I promise to blame the retailers for not being savvy enough to make clothes for my body.

I Promise Not To Back Out

I find myself getting in a rutt and finding reasons not to attend events I would like to go to, simply because I am too anxious or afraid. I want to do less of this and more of the things that actually make me happy, if I can drag myself out of the house to attend!

What do you promise yourself this summer?

Debz xx

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