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A Dress for 99p? Surely Not!

I have often heard about these 99p dresses, 1 pence pairs of shoes etc. but assumed that they were purely marketing gimmicks were actually no one ever got such a bargain.

I was quite excited this afternoon when I read that Yours Clothing had a range of 99p dresses on sale! I approached the website with caution, not wanting to get my hopes surely. Surely nothing that pretty could be less than the price of a double cheeseburger? 

When I got to the site - I was greeted by this beauty of a homepage!

I quickly clicked through and I am proud to say I have the polka beauty of a dress coming at me!!

I had to pay £3.99 postage (you can do £2 click and collect) but still... this lovely polka dot dress for the grand total of £4.98 - BARGAIN!

You can only buy one dress... But I have no idea if its a limited offer or an on-going thing! I'd still get one snapped up pretty quickly if you want one!

Did you manage to snap one up?

Which one?

Debz xx

Don't forget, if you haven't used Yours Clothing before then you can use the code 'blogger18' to get £10 off of a £20 spend. New customers only but what better excuse do you need to give them a try?

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