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Monday, 26 May 2014

A Look At How Simple Fashion Should Be

When it comes to plus-size fashion one of the biggest bugbears of the ladies you'll talk to is the fact that they can't shop the same places as their smaller friends. Although the range of plus-size fashion choices has increased dramatically over reason years there is still quite a long way to go.

So, I decided to look into what options were out there and roped in my little sister to help me. Lisa is a size 10, so as you can imagine the differences in our bodies are quite drastic. I thought it would be interesting to see what choices we would have if we wanted to shop in the same places... First up Simply Be.

As Simply Be cater for sizes 12-32, as you can imagine they had plenty of choice! The lovely ladies at Simply Be offered to send us both a dress, to show just how versatile the brand is! We both chose the same dress as we wanted to showcase how different bodies can wear the same dress, look different but still look fab! 

AX Paris Coral Lace Waist Skater Dress

We both really liked the dress, it's a lovely colour. I would say that the material is very unforgiving and has no stretch at all, so if you do it make sure you size up once or twice. As you can see you can easily style it with either leggings or tights and it would work just as well.

I intend to feature a few brands where you can buy a range of clothing in different sizes, just to showcase how good plus size fashion can be - if you know where to look!

Thanks for reading & thanks to my little sister for letting me feature her, she's a beaut isn't she!?

Debz xx

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I was lucky enough to be gifted some items in this post and I am very grateful, but I am always open and honest in my reviews!

Monday, 2 December 2013

A Sequin Surprise - The Fat Mermaid!

You probably know by now, when it comes to clothes - I love colour, I love shape and I love sparkles. When I first saw this dress on the Fashion World website, I loved it. It is everything perfect about a dress for the Christmas season - I was well and truly smitten! 

It seemed like the rest of the fatshion world was too - as blog posts, tweets and instagram posts came flooding in about the 'mermaid dress' and everyone was in love with it! 

A few weeks later, Fashion World contacted me and kindly offered to send me a dress of my choosing from their Christmas party dress range. I browsed through and there were some LOVELY offerings, but nothing that quite matched up to the mermaid dress that I had been lusting over! 

So.... I asked them to send me it - and I can tell you now, I was not disappointed!

Yes, the dress is bodycon, yes its covered in sequins which make a sound every time I move, yes it's green, yes it's short - but it is love!

I plan to wear the dress to a Christmas party, so I don't want to share photos of the whole dress just yet. So instead, here are some selfie photos of it - so you can see how happy I am with it! When it is styled properly, for the party in a couple of weeks I'll take some proper Outfit Of The Day posts so you can see the full thing.

They didn't have my size of dress, so I have sized down. This means it is a little shorter than on the models in the photo - but I don't mind that! It is quite tight (more than likely because of the sizing down) but it is fully lined and made from a thick material, which means it gives a nice shape rather than just clinging everywhere, which I know lots of people aren't keen on! 

If you're looking for a Christmas dress to make you stand out this Christmas, I can not recommend this dress enough!! You can buy the AX Paris dress here.

Have you have any exciting purchases for the festive season?

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I was lucky enough to be gifted some items in this post and I am very greatful, but I am always open and honest in my reviews!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Drinks in Soho

Last night I went out for drinks in Soho and had the usual last minute worry of what to wear. In the end I was really pleased with the simple but pretty outfit I wore, so I thought I would do a rare Outfit Of The Day Post and put it up here for you all to have a nosey at!

Ignore the wonky neckline! Haha
Neckline Fixed!

Dress: AX Paris/Simply Be
Belt: Yours Clothing
Leggings: Love Ur Curves
Necklace: Love Ur Curves
Earrings: Primark
Shoes: Primark

I really like the pretty pattern of the dress as well as the fit - it's very comfy to wear!

Spinning Like A Girl In A Brand New Dress
What do you like to wear on mid-week nights out?

Debz x

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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

ABC On Simply Be Dresses - Choices For All Budgets

I have decided to start a new set of posts for my blog – the ABC of shopping. When it comes to clothes we usually have a set amount that we can spend on an item. The great thing about many plus size retailers is that they have a range of items at all sorts of costs, so there is something for everyone.

As a BBW blogger I want to bring you details of dresses to suit all budgets and so I introduce to you, the ABC of shopping.

A - Absolute Bargain – usually a sale item or something that is so cheap you simply cannot afford to have a wardrobe without this in

B - Best Value For Money – Something that is affordable and offers great value

C - Cash To Splash – Items for special occasions that are worth spending a little more of your hard earned cash on!

First up is a ABC on Simply Be Dresses:

I love Simply Be dresses; I really think if you look through their website for a new dress you’ll always find something to suit you! Perhaps what I like best about Simply Be dresses is that there is a massive range of dresses, with all sorts of price tags attached to them – so whatever your budget, there will be something to suit you.

Absolute Bargain
Bow Print Tea Dress - £19.00

I actually have this dress & bought it when it was full price and still feel I have had fantastic value for money. I love the print of the dress and the fit is great. I really like the light blue colour and think it is perfect for summer (if we have ever get one).  It comes in petite, regular and tall which means that it is perfect for everyone. The navy colour is also a great addition to any wardrobe. At less than £20.00 for a pretty dress like this that you can dress up or dress down I really think you cannot go far wrong! You can buy the dress here.
Slightly blurry photo, but here is me in the dress!
Best Value For Money

AX Paris Black Floral Multi Prom Dress With Satin Belt - £40.00

I am in love with at least 95% of the dresses that AX Paris offer up – I have so many of them in my wardrobe and it still isn’t enough. I don’t have this AX Paris dress in my wardrobe, but I think it could well be my next dress spend. I just need an excuse to buy it and wear it! I have a few dresses from AX Paris in the cut and style, although with different patterns so I know how it fits and works with my body. I love the length of these dresses and the amazing patterns that their dresses offer. If you have a party or night out coming up, this dress can be perfectly dressed up to suit almost any situation. You can buy this dress here.

Cash To Splash

Project D London Queens Print Maxi Dress Length 54 inches - £84.00

The Project D range of dresses first hit my radar when a number of bloggers reviewed their pieces. This dress caught my eye because I loved the pattern and it made me realise I simply do not have enough maxi dresses in my life! I have a wedding to attend in September and I am currently considering outfit options and what to wear. If I have the cash to splash then I’ll definitely be considering this dress by Project D. The dress comes in different lengths, so there should be something for everyone and its elastication to the back helps to ensure that it is a lovely flattering fit for anyone that chooses to wear it. You can buy this dress here.

So, there you have it - 3 amazing dresses to suit all sorts of budgets. I hope to bring more ABC of shopping write-ups over the coming weeks and months.

Looking to shop elsewhere? For a great selection of dresses and even better prices, check out Top Tier Style

Have you splashed out on anything lately? I’d love to hear about it!

Debz xx

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Leggings For All Occasions!

Earlier this week I blogged about the 4 pairs of bright coloured leggings I bought last week & as of yesterday I managed to wear a pair of them out!

As they're bright, I wanted to make sure that the rest of the outfit contrasted well with them without going to over the top.

In the end I decided to team the blue pair of leggings up with an AX Paris dress I picked up from Simply Be a few weeks ago. I absolutely adore the AX Paris range and if I could, would probably have every single one of their dresses in my wardrobe. The few dresses I have got all fit well and I like the way they nip in to give me a bust but flow over the rest of my body to be flattering.

I decided to team the dress up with the blue leggings as I thought they would be the ideal daytime outfit.

Leggings: Love Ur Curves
Dress: AX Paris
Necklace: Love Ur Curves
Belt: Yours Clothing
Shoes: Primark

I found the leggings a great size & really comfortable to wear. There was plenty of stretch in them, but not enough that they went see-through, which is every girl leggings nightmare!


Debz xx