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Tell a Friend They're Fat? Tell A Friend They're Fab? Why Not Both?

You might have seen in the papers or online over the last few days that Steve Miller (weight-loss 'expert') has declared the 7th January 'Tell a Friend They're Fat Day'. Because we all know that shaming someone about their body is the best way to get them to lose weight... #sigh.

Of course, I hate the idea of this day and feel like it is a complete waste of time. Not only does it help to 'concrete' the idea that another persons body is your business but it promotes the idea of bullying  - neither of which I agree with. In fact the idea is so ludicrous that even The Daily Telegraph are against it, which in itself says something.

In a valiant attempt to overcome this Slink Magazine have announced 'Tell a Friend They're Fab Day' also taking place on the 7th January. The idea behind it being to turn the day into something positive, which is an amazing idea!

However, I was trying to find a way to blog and promote it in a way that I felt comfortable with. I don't necessarily agree with the idea of rather than telling someone they are fat, you should tell someone they are fab. It sort of, in a round about way it promotes the idea that fat is bad because we're denying talking about it. For me, telling me I am fat is as worthwhile as telling me I have brown hair & I'd love a campaign that promoted this idea for everyone. However, I love the idea of telling people they are brilliant and I had every intention of posting about it, as soon as I worked out exactly how I felt about it.
Thanks to Look Human

And then this happened. A fab post by The Arched Eyebrow which summed up how I felt about it. She has declared the day 'Tell A Fat Friend They're Fab Day'... Which I shall be doing! I shall also be telling my thin friends that they are fab & so are their bodies.

As Bethany points out, the whole idea behind Steves campaign is to make people shameful about their bodies, so pointing out that people have a fab personality isn't the only way that we should be fighting this. Instead we should be giving people the power to say Yes, I am fat but I am bloody fabulous as well! I am sure we have all had the 'Nooo you're not fat, you're fabulous' line given to us once or twice, but the truth is that I AM FAT (and fab!) and there is nothing wrong with that.

Anyway, there are links to all the campaigns in the post so have a read up and see how you feel about  them all! I'll be getting involved in the #YouAreFab and the #TellAFatFriendTheyreFabDay because I think all of my friends are fabulous and I love an excuse to tell them so!

I'd love to know your views!

Debz xx

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Cut For Evans - The Marmite Effect

You might have read that earlier this week I was lucky enough to be invited to the Cut For Evans launch. For me, seeing the clothes on proper bodies rather than a mannequin was a massive step forward. The clothes look great on the website but seeing them on people made all of the difference.

The Cut For Evans is a massive step forward & a huge leap from anything Evans have really done in the past - so I get that it will split opinion but I didn't realise quite how much it would. I made the 'mistake' of reading some of the comments on the Evans Facebook page after the launch, and I was flabbergasted at some of the comments left.

I 'like' how lots of different women commented about how they wouldn't/shouldn't/couldn't wear the collection because of their size - as if this was a blanket rule for everyone. We work so hard to prove that fashion is inclusive of all sizes and comments like this really set it so far back! Thankfully Evans have deleted lots of the really negative comments but it means that I can't quote them here - sorry!

Anyway - I have seen LOADS of women in these clothes and I think they look fab. I have loved seeing different women, with different shapes and their own individual styles wearing these outfits - so I thought I would share them with you. I can understand if the Cut For Evans range is not for you, but I don't know how anyone can say that this range is 'hideous' across the board... Look at these fierce, fabulous fatties rocking the range....
George from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and Mel from Upon The Sea

My gorgeous friend Joanne - Not a blogger, but how fab does she look!?

Image thanks to Laura at Pocket Rocket - Ms Bartoz, Lauren and Margie

Liris Crosse from and Bethany from Arched Eyebrow

Wearing the knitted top in two different ways - Bethany from Arched Eyebrow

Whitney from Americas Next Top Model and I (not wearing Cut For Evans.. Yet!)

Felicity Hayward at British Plus Size Fashion Weekend

Sally from The Human Mannequin


Personally I think each of the girls look amazing in their outfits, however even if you don't I can't see how you can say that as a blanket response to the collection that it doesn't look good on big bodies or that it hasn't been designed with larger girls in mind - because the vastly different shapes and sizes shown above show that it can mostly definitely be rocked if you want to!

What do you think of the collection?

Debz xx

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