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Birch Box Bargains

Hi All! 

Sorry I have been quiet lately, not much going and I have spent too much time enjoying the sunshine! Lots of exciting posts to come though.

I've heard good things about beauty boxes but never tried one before. I did a little research and decided that Birchbox would probably be the best deal for me!

The July Box

And then, as I often do I searched for a way to get it at a discount, after all - who wants to buy it full price/

It's usually around £12 a month and I've just found it for £30 (+£8 delivery for the whole six months!)... £7.60 a month for an exciting beauty related present through the post, you can't go wrong really! You can get it here if you want to buy it at the same bargain price.... I couldn't resist mainly because I love getting post through the door so this seemed ideal!

Are you a Birch Box subscriber? What do you think?

Let me know if you sign up!

Debz x

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