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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Only Straight Sizes? I Don't Give a Monki!

Let me start with a disclaimer. I absolutely DO care if a brand only stock straight sizes and I think that more needs to be done with plus size fashion, especially when it comes to the top end of plus sizes. However when it comes to fashion it's always about making it work for you and dressing to your own style. I am all about making items work for your body - and that is why I was excited to learn about Monki.

I'll be honest I have heard whisperings of Monki on social media for the last few months. Lots of fat ladies have been tweeting and Facebook'ing photos of them in amazing outfits and then proclaiming that they're wearing a size medium or large. I know in some ways we shouldn't be celebrating the fact that clothes fit our bodies, but we're still in an age where we have to. 

Last week the lovely Danielle Vanier was chosen for a Monki campaign about individuality and celebrating bodies. This is such an exciting move because a brand that don't stock plus size clothing have used a fat body for a campaign nationally and that's got to be a good thing. 

Unfortunately Ms Vanier has had mixed response to this, with many people complaining that she shouldn't have worked with a brand that don't stock plus sizes. Whilst I agree that Monki could do more I don't think that her being used for a campaign can be seen as a bad thing at all! 

Unfortuantly I don't live near a Monki store and I wouldn't risk buying online because I can't see, feel and stretch the items in my hand but I have been told that there are a few option in store that I would be able to make work. One day, I'll get my hands on some Monki items of my own and show you for myself... But for now, here are some lovely ladies showing you how they rock Monki and made it work for their fat bodies!

Ms Vanier herself in a XS jacket - she generally wears a 20/22

Kathryn from wears a Large size shirt on her size 24 body!

Lorna wears a 20/22 black and white dress and green top are large, white top is a medium, black top is also medium but she feels could have worn a small.

Lovely Lottie usually wears a size 22. The top two items are large and the bottom one is a medium.

The ever glamorous usually wears a size 22 - the dress at the top is a medium, top next to it is a large and the dress at the bottom is an extra small!!

Lovely Hollie usually wears a 24/26

'Vintage' Monki thanks to Nancy and this jumper from 2014 - jumper is a size large on a size 22 body.

Bethany features Monki on her blog. She's a 22/24 in these pics and both dresses are a size large.

Glorious usually wears a 24/26 - she warns that not all items will be appropriate for higher end plus sizes, but always worth a try! wears all of these in a medium and generally wears a size 20.

Callie from in an XL shirt from Monki

Of course not all items will work for plus size bodies so it's wise to go to a store or ask on social media for opinions. It tends to be that up to a size 22/24 has many more options that large plus sizes, but if you're over a size 24 then you're probably used to that anyway! That said, not disregard them - if you have a chance to try them, give them a go! 

I asked Danielle about her Monki experience, because she's a big fan of the brand and she gave this advice for shopping with them. "An L in the shapes I can fit into. You have to look and try lots on. I'm an M in tops. But mostly an L. They do so many oversize shapes that this is why it works well for us. I can't fit into their fitted structured stuff but there's plenty of things you can make work for you. I'm wearing an M in the black polo neck dress in the campaign and I'd say an L could fit a 26 maybe even 28." (I should say that I stole that from a Twitter DM she sent me - thanks babe!)

Let's all pray that one day Monki will do an XL and an XXL range and give even more of us the chance to wear their items - YAY! If I get a chance to try any items I'll be sure to report back!

Have you shopped a straight size store and been suprised at items fitting? Tell me more!

Debz x

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Feeling The Blogger Love: Don't Hate, Appreciate

I know - two blogs in one morning, you lucky, lucky people!

I know I already blogged about my pretty new dress from New Look today, but when I saw Charl at Ginger Girl Says post about a blogger love-in I could not help but get involved!

You can see the original post here:

Borrowed from
Anyway, blogging for me is somewhat amazing - I love writing my blog but equally as much I love to read them! I love the idea of sharing blog loving - so here are my blog loves!

Charl @ Ginger Girl Says

Don't assume I am tagging this girl just because she started the Don't Hate, Appreciate post because I am writing about her because she is amazing! I have known of Charl online for what seems like a thousand years, long before the blog life we now both live! I love her blog despite our friendship because it is such a mixed bag. I love her beauty posts but I also love her rants about men, dating and even her hints and tips about fashion - love, love, love. If you're looking for a new blog to read then you should definitely check her out!

Danielle Vanier

I discovered Danielle on Twitter a while before I started to read her blog. Now I follow her Tumblr page and I am always on the look out to see if she has posted something new! What I love most about Danielle is the way she puts outfits together - not only does she always look flawless but she always wears outfits in a way that is different. With amazing, bold accessories and beautiful outfit choices, her blog is always one that is worth looking at!

Bump And Beyond / U Can't Wear That

I am going to cheat and put these two together, simply because they're my "real life" friends. They help inspire me with what to write on my blog all the time, we attend events together, get drunk together (well, we did before Leighanne got pregnant) and I love reading both of their blogs! Both of their blogs are different, but I love them equally and always look forward to their new posts. 

Why not join in with the Don't Hate, Appreciate bloggers tag, make a post with your three fave/inspirational blogs and let them know you have sent them some blogger love!

Debz xx

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