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Evans Curvy Street Style Day - London - 14th September

On the week leading up to the 14th September I heard about the Evans 'Curvy Street Style' event that was being held that Saturday. As I haven't been to their Marble Arch flagship store for ages I thought it would be a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

When I got to the event I was greeted by two ladies straight away. The lovely ladies explained that every customer had their chance to have their photo taken by a professional photographer that day and be featured on the Evans Curvy Street Style website. 

Of course... I could not resist having my photo taken!

To say I was happy with the photo is an understatement - I love it!

I went along with Lucia from U Cant Wear That and we couldn't resist having our photo taken together!

People on the day were also given a gift card loaded with anything up to £100.00! Mine was worth a fiver (better than nothing!) but I hear a girl won £100.00 not long after us - congrats!

The feedback I heard on the day was great - with many ladies relishing having a photo taken of them looking amazing! I'd love to see more events like this on the high street!

Would you attend something like this?

Debz x