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Friday, 19 December 2014

When Plus Size Fashion Gets It Right - H&M Did Good!

You will see a few blog posts down that I blogged about the H&M Tulle Skirt. As soon as I saw it on the website I knew I had to have it. It was like nothing I had seen in plus size fashion before. especially in a size 30 (and beyond, considering how stretch it is).

It sounds a bit silly, but news of the skirt travelled quite quickly through the social scene amongst plus size bloggers, simply because it was so unique! Now over the past few weeks you'll have seen a number of bloggers blog it and that is testament to just how good it is.

Lucia from UCantWearThat

Leah from Just Me Leah

Claudia from Curvy Claudia

Naomi from Diamonds N Pearls

Look at all the lovely, different ways it has been styled!

The skirt is SOLD OUT in every size on the H&M website. It came back in stock in a size 2XL one afternoon this week and was sold out by dinner(tea?) time.

Now, tell me that there is no a need for pretty, affordable fast fashion in plus sizes. Tell me that up to a size 24 is all that sells and that there is not a market for 24+. Because if you tell me that, I'll tell you that it is because the opportunities just aren't there! I just know that if people at the higher end of plus size fashion had the chance to buy beautiful clothing in their size they would snap it up. The Estellas by Lady V London and Fuller Figure Fuller Bust are another testament to this! (They're in the sale this weekend - GO GO GO!)

I am quick to complain when fashion retails don't do sizes high enough (#HeresWhatIWouldHaveSpent) but I also want to celebrate when things go well. Fingers crossed the skirt comes back into stock (in a plethora of colours would be fantastic!)!

What have you see that has been done well in the plus size fashion industry lately?


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Friday, 5 December 2014

It's A Tulle Order with H&M

My name is Debz and I have an obsession with online window shopping... 

As part of my obsession I tend to browse different websites and see what they have on offer. I have browsed the H&M website a good few times, but never found anything to buy. I have to say that I H&M do have a good few plus size items and are perhaps over looked a little. I have heard that their sizes can be hit and miss and delivery can take a while (this took 10 days) but they are still worth a browse.... If only more of their high street stores had their plus collection in!

A few weeks ago I was doing one of my regular window shops of H&M when I came across this amazing tulle skirt. To many people this probably doesn't seem like much of a revolution, but this type of skirt in my size just doesn't come about every single day!

I ordered the skirt and sat at home with fingers crossed that it fitted. When it finally arrived I was so relieved that it fits LIKE A DREAM! Often with skirts and dresses like this the layer underneath which is made from a silk like material and therefore has no stretch. I am pleased to say that this H&M tulle skirt comes with a jersey layer underneath which fits lovely.

It is sold out in the 3XL now (the size I am wearing) but I am sure a 2XL would have fit too. The stretch is really generous.

Also wearing an #Amaze top from Evans and a lovely floral blaze from New Look.

It's once again taught me to try new things and that as a plus size woman, I do still have fashion options. I agree that sometimes items can be harder to find but if you keep your eyes open, and window shop online at every opportunity you will find whatever it is you are looking for!

Have you shopped at H&M? What were your experiences?

Debz x

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