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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

I Can't Shop On The High Street, I'm Fat: A Look At Simply Be, Manchester

When I read things written by fat girls a lot of it revolves around fashion and the limitations they feel they have. Outside of the beautiful world of 'plus size blogging' many people still feel that they can not shop like a 'normal' person but this is not the case at all!

I have already started my ABC of plus size fashion features to try and introduce people to new retailers. My list of 'recommended plus size retailers' at the top of the page now has over 30 stores listed for the same reason!

Now I want to try and show you that you can shop on the high street, whatever your size - as long as you know where to look!

As you know this weekend I was in Manchester on a Hen Party and I stumbled across my very first Simply Be Store in The Arndale Centre there. I dragged the (skinny) hen inside so I could have a nosey. Rather than try to explain to the cashier what I was doing I also sneakily took some photos while I was inside!

I have to say I loved the layout of the store (which is teamed with Jacamo much like Top Shop/Top Man) and found the staff were really friendly and helpful. 

The shop was clean, tidy and easy to get around! They had lots of choice too. It was lovely to see some of the items I had spotted on the website 'in real life'.

Some of my favourite items:



Simply Be Stores:

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