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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Real Women Have Curves!

As someone interested in positive body image online you invariable end up following a few Twitter accounts, liking Facebook pages and following Tumblr accounts of people with the same interest and inspirations. This is a fantastic way to get ideas on what to write about and to see how other people feel about body image and their own bodies.

For many years now I have read blogs and Tumblr pages on body image which feeds you a varied range of quotes, photos and stories on how other people feel about positive body image and their own bodies.

When you start to follow these pages you tend to see the same things over and over again. There are a number of quotes and photos which tend to be used in the name of body image, but that I downright disagree with.

The truth of the matter is real women do not have curves. All women are real women and whether you are thin, curvy, short, tall or out and out fat you are a real woman. 

In actual fact bones are not just for dogs - there are plenty of men out there that find thin women attractive! And that is without me even getting onto the subject of referring to women as 'bones'.

Quotes like this can be found all over the internet!

It makes me sad that we have to justify our liking of our body (or that body type in others) by using quotes to put down other peoples bodies.

I read something on Tumblr once which simply said 'All Bodies Are Good Bodies' and I cannot agree more. 

I have hundreds of quotes saved on my computer which promote the fact that our weight does not define us and that beauty is not measured by the size of our jeans & I cannot agree more! What I feel we cannot do is use the flip side of this to put down people who are thinner than 'us'... 

If our weight does not define us, then how come you're only a 'real' woman if you have curves? It makes no sense to me!

There is no need to compare yourself to others!

I have seen many comparisons between Marilyn Monroe and models today. Many of them claim that Marilyn Monroe is the ultimate curvy goddess and that thin women of today pale in comparison! The truth is that, both body types will be attractive to different people.

No, No, No and no again!

I fully stand behind loving your body for everything it is and loving yourself for who you are... This fighting body types against one another is only making the fight for body positivity so much harder... If you are fat then you are no better worse than someone who is thin, it just doesn’t work like that. 

There is so much that makes you a good, decent person & the dress size you wear has no bearing on this whatsoever!

So.. a nice cheerful blog post for today! haha

Debz xx

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

No Means No and a Short Skirt Does Not Mean Yes!

This is my first ranty blog post for a while, and comes inspired from an article by Natasha Devon.

If you haven’t read her “Dress provocatively? Overweight? You're not 'asking for trouble' nor are you the root of the problem” article then you can do so here:

I am not overly versed on all of Natashas work, but the bits I have seen have amazed me. She is an advocate for positive body image and self esteem, to say the least! You can read her Twitter updates here  -! She is well worth a follow.

I loved her article because it said what I have thought for a long time – the only person who is ever to blame for a crime is the person who carried out the crime. 

We are taught that we should hide our sat navs from view in our car, not walk down the street with our mobile phone in our hand and not to leave our front doors open. There doesn’t seem to be many people that are screaming out “don’t commit a crime”. Sure, for most of us it is built into us not to break the law, but should money really be being spent on teaching us to avoid crime over teaching people not to commit it?

I understand that we take some responsibility for our own actions and that in essence, walking down a street with our iPhone in easy grab could be seen as ‘silly’ – but actually, we SHOULD be allowed to if we want to.... and if the worse comes to worse and the iPhone is stolen, only the criminal is to blame and not the victim.

If a person of any gender wants to wear clothing that shows off a lot of flesh, they are not doing so as an invitation to drag them down a dark alley and rape them. For people who say they were asking for it or it wouldn’t have happened if they wore ‘something sensible’ that is fundamentally what you are saying. That by wearing a low cut top, or a short skirt you are also sending out an invitation that says you want to be pulled to the ground and your body violated... And, anyone who feels that there something right about this – I find you baffling!

I would love to know what other people thought of this article!

Debz x