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Plus North Review - A Different Perspective!

First of all let me tell you now - Plus North was AMAZING! A different perspective just means I am going to review it in a different way to most people, just because I like to be difficult :D

I have spoken before about the importance of surrounding yourself with the right type of media. It can be tough living in a body that doesn't fit the media version of perfect that so many of us are force fed, often without us realising it. It's up to us to change that and surround ourselves with something new - an alternative version of good, so that we can change the influences our brain sees as positive.

Which leads me on to Plus North - an event which oozes inspiration. If you haven't attended Plus North before, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you go next year, there is literally nothing quite like it. I have no doubt that over the next few days there will be bundles of reviews and photos posted, so I wanted to share something different with you.

Photo thanks to Plus North. Some of the blogger babes on Sunday

I have to tell you that being in a room full of women that are strong and confident is amazing. When you can see plus size fashion being modelled on actual plus size women it is just perfect. When you see those women laughing together, sharing stories, supporting eachother, wooping, clapping and cheering for each other it gives you that sort of warm fuzzy feeling. Talking to brands and being able to tell them what you want from fat fashion and where you think they are going wrong is a crazy sort of liberating - Imagine being able to go into Asda and tell them what's wrong with their bread, it's amazing! 

(c) Plus North 
You can get measured, try make up, have your photo taken, browse clothes, buy clothes, win prizes or simply sit and enjoy a drink - all in the surroundings of plus size women who just like you fight the media's idea of a perfect body and live a happy, loving life. I know it sounds a bit cliche, but there is nothing quite like seeing someone like you living the life you would like for you to see that you can be fat (*plus size, bbw, larger, cuddly, curvy...) and happy because those people ARE DOING IT!

That is without the almost startling concept (for me at least) that maybe plus size fashion isn't quite as limited as it once was. I saw hundreds of women at this event, all looking AMAZING in different outfits across three different events (Saturday day, Saturday evening and Sunday day), which just goes to show that over the years plus size fashion has really improved - definitely steps in the right direction at the very least! 

Plus North had its 3rd Annual event in Leeds this year - with fashion shows, brand talks, blogging tips, pub quizzes, raffles and an after party that was beyond fun. All this was alongside ladies you see on Instagram, read the blogs of, chat to on Twitter and generally nosey on their lives - it's amazing! I have everything crossed that there will be a Plus North 2015 and if there is, make it your mission to be there!
Debz xx

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