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PS Blogger Love - Sullen Hearts

A few weeks ago I decided that we needed a bit of blog loving and so I set up the #PSBloggerLove Challenge. Hopefully you'll see on Twitter and Instagram today a few posts relating to the #PSBloggerLove tag. Firstly you'll see blog posts like this where bloggers write about another blog and what they love about them - I teamed people up randomly to help share the love even more. 

And then, hopefully you'll also see people sharing the love on social media. I am encouraging people to use the #PSBloggerLove tag to let bloggers know they love them, what they love about being a blogger and what they love about reading blogs - just a massive love in basically!

So.... My blog post is about the fabulous Rebs from Sullen Hearts. I enjoy her blog because it is such a mixed bag. I love reading about what she has been up to as well as her fashion posts, it makes for great reading! She has a great writing style which makes her blog really enjoyable to browse through, I highly recommend it!

I first met Rebs at Style XL (I think!) where she modelled on the catwalk - YAY! We all went for dinner afterwards and shared cocktails from paint tins in Wetherspoons, I kid you not! Earlier this month I travelled to Sheffield to go to a Fat Positive Clothes Swap organised by her.

I love people that do a lot for this community and attempt to help others out, which is exactly what Rebs does and I love it! I love her positive approach to things and we tend to think the same on a lot of different issues which is great! 

Make sure you head over and read her blog you won't regret it!

Meeting plus size positive people like Rebs is a a massive positive for me when it comes to blogging. I love writing blogs but getting out there and meeting real people is what it is all about for me. I am very glad Rebs and I met and I hope we get to hang out many more times!

Which bloggers do you like? Let them know by using the #PSBloggerLove tag on social media today!

Debz x

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