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Loving Your 'After' Photo...

I know I have blogged already today, but I have to share this with you!

Every so often one of my friends sends me a link to something they think I would be interested in. All of my friends know that I strive for body positivity and spreading the word of self love and they send me links and articles that they know I'll find interesting, or enraging!

Someone pointed me in the direction of this article last night and WOW I am glad they did.

I watched the video with a mix of emotions because I know that it is something many people can relate to.  The loving your body after going through some big changes, the pressure to change your body if you don't meet media standards and the surprise of people when you tell them that you love yourself despite your 'flaws'.

The page linked above is a Kickstart project to fund a film on a 'Love Your Body' project. I am simply spreading the word because I think all of the positivity in the short video on the page and the letter below is amazing, not to try and raise funds although that would of course be amazing.

"Women and girls are constantly held back and lead to believe they’re not as good as they should be. Why? Because every day we feel we’re being judged on our appearance and how far away it is from an unachievable ideal."

Taryn Brumfitt had the idea for the documentary after posting this photo of herself online. She posted it and was surprised when it went viral (3.6 million hits very quickly after it posted), simply because she was proclaiming to love her body in the AFTER photo of this picture... People claimed she was brave but many also claimed that it wasn't possible. How could someone who was a body-builder with the perfect body actually love themselves after they have put on a little weight? Impossible, surely!?

She is making a documentary around her "The Body Image Movement" which is teaching women to love their bodies. She wants to make a life-changing documentary on body image, create change on how people feel about their bodies and the way people re-act to someone else's body.

The video in the page above is well worth watching so take 5 minutes out of your day to give it a click! Did you like it? Spread the word!

The world that you have contributed to the documentary by using the hashtag #ihaveembraced. Once you have made your contribution please take a photo of yourself with the hashtag #ihaveembraced and use social media to spread the message.

I'd love to know what you think

Debz xx

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Body Bashing Doesn't Just Happen To You!

First of all, thank you to everyone who read, shared, liked and promoted my 'Open Letter to OK Magazine' article - over 1300 people have read my blog since yesterday - thank you so much! If you're new to The (Not So) Secret Diary Of A Wannabe Princess, then hi!

Yesterday I had quite a few messages and comments from people who agreed with me, that body bashing is not OK - although it seems that not everyone thinks and feels the same way!

After a night out last night I logged onto Facebook to see that a gentleman felt the need to body bash a beautiful group of ladies. A friend of mine manages a girl band called Concrete Rose and they excitedly posted some photos of their gig up last night on Facebook. 
Concrete Rose & Shayne Ward at their gig last night!
It is quite obvious, even at first glance that these ladies are beautiful - but it seems that not everyone agrees!

I have blocked out his name,
but the comment is still on the Facebook page ;)
I have blocked out his name,
but the comment is still on the Facebook page ;)

I think sometimes it takes something like this for me to take a step back and realise that everyone can encounter the same problems as me. It is sometimes easy to assume that the only people judged for the way they look at the people who don't meet the medias standard of beautiful - yet here you have a group of beautiful, thin, smiley, talented girls and still a man attempts to bring them down because of the way that they look.

The truth is that when it comes to body issues and body bashing - all of us suffer! There are so many people out there that want to bring others down for the way that they look - and not just if you're too fat. So many people it seems live their lives judging people for the way that they look and by the looks of it, it takes the bravery of being behind a computer screen for people to come out and say these nasty, spiteful needless things.

So, whoever you are - whatever you look like - hold your head up high and love who you are. We are all fighting the same battle when it comes to body bashing and feeling confident, so recognise your strengths and ignore those that try to bring you down.


Debz xx

Fat Is Not A Feeling

Today I read ‘When Your Mother Says She’s Fat’ an open letter by a lady to Kasey, to her mother. If you haven’t read the letter then please take 2 minutes to read it, it’s inspiring.

The letter covers Kasey’s body image issues, how she feels they stemmed from her mother’s ever-present hatred of her own body and how Kasey does not want those to project onto her 3-year-old granddaughter.

In the letter Kasey uses the words ‘fat is not a feeling’ and that is true. All too often we are taught that if we are fat then we should feel sad and uneasy with our body. Eventually, this manifests itself into ‘fat  = sad’. Before we know it, if you’re overweight then you must be sad.

The truth is that fat is a body type – it is not a feeling or an emotion.

You cannot ‘feel’ fat.

You can be fat and that being fat can make you feel sad (or happy) but you cannot feel fat.

In the letter Kasey touches on wanting to have a better body image for her daughter in the future and it would be lovely if we could all strive for this. If you are someone that has ever looked in the mirror and hated what is looking back at you, why would you want someone else – the next generation even – to feel the same way that you do.

We are in a time that is lucky to have access to all sorts of media which looks at body image in a positive light, but it is not enough... All too often we read tweets about a celebrity that has gotten too thin or someone that has put on a few pounds and is now too fat. I know that we’ll always live in a world where we look at other people’s body types, but I would love to live in a time when it wasn’t the most important aspect of someone.

In Kaseys letter she describes hearing her mother despair that she was fat, old and ugly. From that very moment, just a young child Kasey linked them together. If you were fat you were ugly. 

It didn’t matter that you could be fat and successful, or fat and happy, or fat and healthy or fat and the queen of your very own world, all she saw was that fat was ugly – and she never wanted to be there. She was just a child who hadn’t even had time to live through the trials and tribulations of high school and she had already been taught that if she ever made the ‘mistake’ of being overweight.

Instead of talking about body hate in front of our children, or even our friends let’s try and think about what we do like about our bodies... Trust me, you can be fat and happy with your body it just sometimes takes a little practice and a nudge in the right direction.


Debz xx