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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Let Me Take an 'Elfie


A few weeks ago the lovely ladies at Yours Clothing sent me this rather lovely Celfie t-shirt. You have probably seen a few other bloggers sporting the t shirt... Not that we're all selfie obsessed or anything!!

The Coca Cola truck visited Morecambe to help kick of Christmas celebrations today so I couldn't resist a little trip out to wear it. If you have ever been to Morecambe before you'll know that it's quite a casual town so I didn't really want to go too dressed up. In fact, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give this Celfie t shirt it's first outing.

As it's quite cold I thought I'd wear this lovely new tangle cardigan from Taking Shape too. The Taking Shape brand only goes up to a size 24/26 but I found that this cardigan (in size XXL) to be a great fit. I probably wouldn't be able to do it  up but I don't think that for an item like this it really matters.

I actually found both items to be well made and a great fit. For being out and about for an afternoon, having my photo taken in front of crowds of people it seemed like the perfect outfit to be wearing!

The Coca Cola truck was loads of fun, with plenty of fair rides and other amusements to keep 1
children entertained. I even met up with a couple of friends while I was there!

Remember If you're new to Yours Clothing you can use my Blogger18 code to get £10 off of a £20 spend on their website.

Debz x

I was lucky enough to be gifted some items in this post and I am very grateful, but I am always open and honest in my reviews!

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Where's Wally? He's At The One One Three Fashion Show

On Monday I was invited down to the One One Three Fashion show in Angel. Held at the Metal Works in Islington I was excited to see what the new collection would be like! 

The venue is great for a fashion show, with a funky unique setting and plenty of space for people to be able to sit and watch the show - sadly the show was over in the blink of an eye but it was still nice to see the pieces. 

I hope the video works - Its the girls come off of the catwalk at the end of the show. It's just taken on my phone but hopefully it gives you an idea of what you can expect!

From what I have seen of the collection it's going bolder than ever - big t shirt dresses, lots of tartan, a tutu and plenty of colour, which is a massive plus point in my opinion! I didn't get any photos as the light was too bright - bad blogger I know. I will post as soon as I know when the collect will be out!

What I Wore

As another nod to dressing a bit differently I decided to mix it up and wear my Where's Wally? t shirt. Before I would have dressed up in a dress and lots of jewellery, so it was nice to go a bit different for a change. The leggings are actually One One Three leggings though - which I can highly recommend!

Scarf - Taking Shape
T Shirt - Primark
Leggings - One One Three
Boots - Primark

Cardigan - Yours Clothing

Me and my friends <3

Debz xx

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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Taking Shape Goody Bag Giveaway

You might have seen a few weeks ago when I blogged about Taking Shape and their great range of plus size clothing -

The team at Taking Shape have been kind enough to give me a goody bag to give away to one of you lucky lot!

I borrowed this from their twitter, your bag might vary slightly!

You can win entries just by following either of us on twitter etc (or do them all and maximise your chances!).

Goodies inside the bag include:

 - Laundry bag,
 - Light up tweezers,
 - Mirror
 - Look book
 - 30% off voucher

a Rafflecopter giveaway

It really is that easy - good luck!!

Debz xx

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Monday, 25 November 2013

Taking Shape at Ms Curvaceous

Last night I attended the Ms Curvaceous competition held in at The Camden Centre in Kings Cross. Although it was the 3rd year of the competition, it was my first time attending one - or anything like it! I have to say I am glad that I did.

I don't want to blog to much about names, numbers, facts and figures because I think you can read them anywhere - No doubt there will be tonnes of write ups and reviews online (the hashtag is #MCUK if you want to look it up).

However... I wanted to talk about positivity. The whole competition put such a positive spin on things - great food, great music and great company, what more could a girl want? The girls in the competition were all beautiful and they gave great speeches about their reasons for entering the competition - with positive body image messages and creating a new generation of females happy with their bodies were amongst the most popular reasons given - and what good reasons they are!

I was in turmoil over what to wear, mainly because lots of my clothes are quite casual and blingy - maybe not the best outfit for a modelling competition. Thankfully Taking Shape stepped up to the mark with a new dress and cardigan which they kindly gifted to me last week (thank you!!).

If you come across their brand then be sure to check them out. They're currently opening stores throughout the UK (YAY!) and stock up to a size 26. That said, both of the items I wore were a size 26 and fit me fine - and we all know that's a bit smaller than I usually wear!

Dress - Floral Island Dress
Cardigan - Valentino Cardigan 

The clothes on the site have a mature feel to them, but that doesn't mean you can't dress it up how you want to - because you'll definitely be able too! So, please do not be afraid to experiment - it pays off!! Don't be scared to think outside the box - the labels on these clothes are too small for me, but they still fit me fine - so always try things before you give up on them!

I'll take some better photos another time - but the eye shadow I am wearing comes from the Barry M Smoking Hot Palette which they kindly sent me last month. I have used all of the colours so far and I love it - I just need a chance to take some proper photos. I am by no means a beauty blogger expert, but all I know is that it goes on well, looks brill and stayed on all night - with a bit of sparkle in the silver shade of eye shadow - which all make it a winner in my book!

At the Ms Curvaceous competition I bumped into this bunch of beauts - what a brill end to a fab weekend!

What did you all get up to this weekend?

Debz xx

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I was lucky enough to be gifted some items in this post and I am very greatful, but I am always open and honest in my reviews!